Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Soldier Field 10Miler

Ran Solider Field 10Miler for the second time.  The first time i ran it was in 2009 after my back surgery.  I remember being pretty slow but being so grateful that I was able to complete this not 6 months after my back was cut open!

This year, I ran it with Tia.  Had a great surprise right off the bat with free Soldier Field parking!  It was perfect weather and the course was the usual lakefront trail race.  Other than a few spots in the beginning with some congestion, the race went well.  You could tell they planned for hotter weather as they had lots of sprinklers and aid stations.   I stopped to take some pictures at one of the last aid stations only to drop my phone and took me a while to get the case back on.

Finished strong and according to my garmin, my first and last miles were my fastest. Ran into Soldier field behind a dude in a walter peyton jersey and totally got pumped from his enthusiasm.  They had the finish line on the jumbo tron so i was able to see myself on the big screen when i crossed the 50!

Overall, the race was so smooth for me tempo wise.  felt very comfortable the entire time even with some early path congestion.    After the finish, got some water, rinsed off my face and then grabbed my finishers blanket.  Met up with Tia for a few photos and then enjoyed the post race party!  Feet Fleet really knows how to put on a race!  Such a fun day. 

5Mile Split: 50:54
Finish Time: 1:47:32
Pace: 10:45

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