Tuesday, August 28, 2012


A run with a slip and slide at the turnaround and where you can meet Big10 Football legends... YES PLEASE!  10K which was basically a shortened version of the Soldier Field 10.  As it was totally a fun run... i will just highlight the fun moments

  • Slip and Slide that was at the turn.  Did it twice.  The water was nice and refreshing
  • The parking lot attendant giving me a deal on parking
  • Running with Tia (and even being a good buckeye and making her a green spartan skirt!)
  • having my homemade sparkle skirt not fall off or bother me during the race
  • Fighting back some little tears while talking to Ki-Jana Carter (the Whole PSU debacle still gets me)
  • Telling Ron Dane I used to love hating him on the field
  • All the Big 10 mascots being there
  • Such a blast!!!

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