Thursday, August 2, 2012

High Cliffs Tri Race Review

First triathlon of the season.
Was really excited for this race

Night before the race i was able to swim the course after packet pickup and was delighted that i didn't have a major meltdown.  the water was warm but there was this floaty moss in the water.  it was really green and it was weird looking in the water.  however, i was happy to swim the course, not freak out and felt like i would make it the next day.

a short back history:  For those who might be new to my blog (which according to my google reader, might be a few of you), i have had a lot of issues with becoming overwhelmed in open water.  i swim multiple times of week in the pool but i often find myself thinking in OW i am going to drowned, get eaten by something (mostly orcas) or have a heart attack.  The anxiety is not pleasant when you are trying to stick your face in the water.  Oddly enough, the pack of people and contact doesn't seem to stress me out and i feel fairly reassured to the fact that i am not the only one in the water which lessens the chance of a river/lake monster eating me. 

Back to the race report.... We stayed about 25 minutes from the race start in Appleton.  I pricelined a hotel with a salt water pool and was really happy because the fam loved it. 

The race:
Got there with plenty of time to rack my bike, swim a bit and bathroom break. Had to wait a while for my wave b/c of the 70.3 people went first.  Sadly, there was a man that died in the water and saw them pull him out however, did not hear the final news till the next morning. Very tragic and a reminder how short life is.

Swim:  not my greatest swim and was a little slow but was able to put my head in the water just fine and had limited breathing issues..for the first triathlon of the season, i would consider this a win.  ran up the hill to have the wetsuit strippers strip me and run to T1 (shaved ~40 sec off last year)

T1:  could have been faster... i get distracted easily while in transition

Bike:  i anticipated the 'high cliff' as i did this race last year and mentally prepared for it.  I handled it much better than before and actually found it a lot shorter than i remember.  the rest of the race was in the pretty smooth and really pleasant scenery. i attempted to push a little harder and stay in aero for longer periods of time.  Passed a few cows while riding some rollers and was happy to see the water again knowing i was close to T2.  (shaved ~5 minutes off last year)
coming out of T1... remember feeling better than i look. 
T2:  hmmm.. nothing exciting except i saw i had a little rip in my wetsuit... and it bummed me out.

Run:  i, again, expected running up the high cliff again and struggled a bit getting up the hill.  The race runs through the trails on top of the hill and also through lots of flat rocks on the top.  The scenery was beautiful and enjoyed the run a lot.  I ran with a group of people and we motivated each other a lot.  Ran down the hill and enjoyed the gravity and cruised to the finish
(shaved ~3 minutes off last year)

Total: 02:18:07.3
(last year 02:26:13.2 )

Happy to have shaved off 8 minutes off time and know i have more in me if i wanted to push harder.  However, i will take the improvement as i felt like i didn't need to exert a lot more and look forward to the next one and getting in the OWS groove. 

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