Thursday, August 2, 2012

TorchLight 5K

Our gym sponsored a 5K and i was able to sign up for $10/each!  So, i decided to sign up the entire family.  Josh and I met Scott downtown.   We had some Chickfila prerace grub and then taxi-ed it over to the start. The race is set in the Harbor by the Yacht Club.  It is a little obscure place to get to by foot but we got there will plenty of time to get our bibs and met our friends as they started trickling in.  Josh even had time to do some prerace sit ups.. which was hilarious b/c he asked scott to hold his feet out of no where. 
Josh and i ran the entire race together and ran the first two miles in about 20 minutes.  He was cruising.  Even with all the congestion on the lakefront path, josh did awesome dodging mini potholes, sliding in and out of people while still maintaining a great pace.  We ran through the two water stations and it was only the last mile that he wanted to slow down a bit.  The last mile we ran in approx 11 minutes.  In the last 400 meters, i told josh we were getting close and as soon as he saw the finish, he bolted it!  I couldn't keep up even if i wanted to (which i am guessing is the way it will be in the future).  Such a fun night with friends and my family.  Love these events and can't wait for another!
Walkers, Tia, Jen, Smiths.  Love them!

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