Monday, August 6, 2012

Womens Half Marathon

Ran the inaugural Women's Half Marathon in Chicago.  Originally, did not plan on running it and then was given a free entry due to a mix up with one of my other registrations... SCORE!  Had a few friends already signed up and then i was given a free hotel room through work so the stars really aligned for a perk weekend in the city.

Friday, spent the night with the family downtown at the Hyatt.  Nice for Scott as he just had to walk from his office to the hotel.  We spent the night as tourists on Michigan Ave.  The next morning, my sister in Law flew into town for the race and 4 of us girls took over the hotel room and kicked the boys back up to Skokie. It was really nice to be a 5 minute cab ride from the start.

The race was a traditional lakefront course (is it bad to say i am getting a little sick of these?)  Anyways, it started on Balbo.  There were a few bottlenecks in the beginning.  (around the aquarium) as the path narrows and turns and b/c the runners aren't thinned out yet, it caused us to basically stop completely to wait for it to thin out.  The rest of the race was fairly standard out and back.  It definitely was a hot day but there was plenty of aid and sprayers.  

Crossed the finish to get medaled, have a little ice bath and claim my yoga mat.  Great race with the ladies of Chicago. 

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