Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cedar Point Half Rev (70.3) Race Report

Final triathlon of the season and it did not disappoint.  Last year, I had the disappointment of not finishing my attempt at a full due to tummy issues so i looked forward to be able to cross the finish line at Cedar Point. I opted for the half rev (i.e. half iron distance triathlon 70.3)  We rolled into Cedar Point friday night, checked into Breakers and then hit the park.  We convinced our 7 year old to ride all of the thrill coasters!  Don't ask us how we did it but he rocked the Top Thrill Dragster and seriously made me so proud.

Saturday morning we woke up to some crazy storms and thunder/lightening.  The sprint and kids rev scheduled for Saturday were cancelled along with the practice swim.  Definitely gave me a little jitters having the practice swim cancelled but i figured I would be ok.  Spent a little more time in the park Saturday and then hit the pre race meeting and checked my bike.  Had dinner with my family and parents and then was in bed early.  For those that do this race:  DEFINITELY book at the Hotel Breakers.  Makes the entire weekend for all so easy and smooth.  Book early as it will fill up and will only fill up faster as the race grows. 

Early morning transition:  Thankful that Rev3 let the Half Rev-ers into transition later so we didn't need to get up so early!  After heading back from transition, put on the wetsuit and made our way down to the water.  Had a brief swim warm up and was ready for the race!
See me.. i am in the middle in the wetsuit and orange cap!
Swim:  Was in a fair sized wave and felt ready for the swim.  That is... until i got about 400 feet out... I had a major freakout!  MAJOR! For those who might remember, i am no stranger to bad water experiences and thoughts... but seriously, in my 3rd true season of triathlons, time to put my big girl pants on!

Back to me almost thinking i was going to drowned.... I floated on my back for a little, tried to start swimming again, got clocked in the face and then on my back for probably an entire minute telling myself i could do this and would be ok.  There was a sweet girl who was doing the breast stroke and appeared to have planned to breast stroke most of the time, yelling at me.. "girl, your fine, stay with me, swim, head down, girl.. you are fine"  She seriously provided me with a lot of encouragement i needed that moment.  Thank you to the girl in the long sleeve wetsuit that looked out for me.  You were Awesome!

Once i got in my groove, i was able to pick up my pace a fair amount and think i actually swam well.. once i actually started swimming! Hit the last turn buoy and finally got my groove.  Love that you can sight off of the rides as they are huge and you can't miss them! 

T1:  stumbled up through transition and thankful to have survived the swim.  Did a quick change and onto the bike.

Bike:  I will keep this part quick as I will minimize my lameless and lack of preparation.   The first part of the bike went great.  Was happy to be out there, stayed at a good pace for myself and had limited problems.  However, once i hit 30 miles i really started struggling.  Saddle discomfort was really my only issue but man, it was painful.  I got off my bike three times to stretch and move around as i seriously was so uncomfortable.  Course itself was very fair and not too difficult... and so happy to get back to transition!

T2:  Relieved to get back to T2... Not only b/c i was in so much pain but also because the year before, my race ended on the bike!  Changed into my run stuff and then waddled to Run Out.

Run:  The course layout was pretty simple.  Run off the peninsula and then in and out of small streets.  This made it great for those trying to support athletes on the course as they had limited travel. Lots of people out on the course as the full was going the same time and they had two loops.  I gotta say though.. i have never seen so many grown men voluntarily in so much pain.  That first aid station people were passed out everywhere.  I could only imagine for the fast Full people... you get off the bike, adrenaline pumping and then you crash 1-2 miles into the run.  People were puking, laying on the ground.. it was pretty rough. For me, ONLY doing the half, i managed pretty well. Legs were tight (inner quads?) , walked a fair bit in the beginning but got into a good rhythm for my slow pokey self.  Loved seeing the pros again and saw a pass between women #2 and #3.  Those girls were digging deep. So happy to come back into CP Peninsula and had a good pace the last two miles (11:30 min miles and avg 13 min miles overall)
Coming down the chute
Crossed the finish line and was Gatorade toweled, medaled and given a finisher's shirt.  Felt good crossing the line and somewhat relieved it was over.  Man, did that bike hurt. As it was almost 4:00pm, and i knew family was anxious to get home, i opted to not shower at the waterpark as i planned but to do the ladylike thing and change in the parking lot and wipe myself down with babywipes.  Keep it classy people.  Ride home and the next few days were fairly painful.  Nothing like a 5 hour ride to get you home at 11 pm, only to have to go to work for 10 hours the next day starting at 7am!

All and all, a great weekend and race. Rev did a great job once again. Better swag than Wisconsin (nice tech tee vs. white cotton). Met so many great people, exchanged some emails and blogs and look forward to 2013 season!
See me on the Jumbotron?  Peace signs and Hello Kitty... awesome!

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