Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hell Run 5K- Chicago

My second Mud Run.  I honestly don't think these are "my thing" however I will enjoy doing them every so often.  Recently have read about the trends and running and that themed/"un-runs" are becoming so popular.  I personally just love a good ol fashion road race but these are a good change up every once in a while.

A work friend and her daughter ran it with me this year.  It was the first year they were doing it and signed up early so got a cheaper registration fee.  Packet pickup was a mess and I always have to wonder... "how can race directors be so dumb to set up so poorly"... anyways, as we were standing for over 45 minutes, we were pretty bummed to see the course overview.  

The first part was running around the race track.. kindof lame.
First obstacle (at the end of the lap) was running over some smashed cars and then we were led into the middle of the track where the second half of the race was with most of the obstacles...

Details of the obstacles are HERE. Once we dropped into the center of the track, we hit the rest of the obstacles.  They were not super difficult but fun. I haven't found either mud race extremely difficult and seem to do well with climbing up the walls/obstacles. 

Bottom line:  I found both mud runs to be fun however, I think you find yourself automatically gipped as 12 obstacles over 3.1 miles still require a fair amount of running in between the events.  Also, some of the obstacles can be pretty lame (i.e tubes like kids crawl through at baby gyms, hanging tires that you can walk through).  So, if you go in with the right mindset, it can be a blast.. just make sure you set your expectations appropriately. 

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