Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Naperville Sprint Triathlon

A quick sprint with some friend.  This write up will not be very specific so for those looking for a tight rundown of the course, keep google-ing.

I will say this race was not my favorite for a few personal reasons:
* I slept at a friends the night before and realized i forgot my contacts so had to do the race in one contact (for the swim) and glasses for the Bike and Run.  I have big plastic glasses so this proved to be very annoying and during the run they were bouncing all over the place.
* The race had so many people but lacked some planning.  i.e. to get into transition after the race, i had to wait almost 45 minutes IN LINE to just enter transition. And then there were people yelling all over the place as they wanted to check my bike a few different times before i left.  (now, i totally appreciate the security and watchfulness however, checking my bike as i am walking to the exit is NOT really that important if you check it at the exit)
* I managed to get heat stroke after the race and was miserable for 10 hours following.... all for a measly sprint tri.  

Now, on the race report:
In that beach like area in Naperville.  This is great for beginners that are ready to graduate from the pool but not quite ready for OW. They did a TT like start in groups of 5.  Contact was pretty limited and i seeded myself a little faster than i should have to avoid slow swimmers and to be able to follow faster feet in the water.

Decent size run to transition.  The racks are so packed that I was happy i took mental note of where i needed to go.  Didn't waste too much time. 

Bike:  Two loop course around Naperville.  Nothing technical and pretty boring.  The wind was noticeable on the second loop and found myself annoyed with mountain bikers riding three wide.  I love newbies and love first timers but riding three people deep is not safe and frustrating for others... just saying.

am i done yet?

Since i forgot my contacts, i found myself with one hand near my face the entire run.  wiping my sweaty nose and then pushing up my glasses and repeat for 3.1Miles.

Not my favorite or best race..  I think between my personal issues i had during the race and the wait to leave, i don't know if Naperville is in the cards again. 

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