Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rev3 Wisconsin Dells

Drove up to Madison Friday night and pricelined a cheap but nice room for $45/night as all we didn't to do was sleep.  Got there around 9 pm, slept and then drop to the Dells Saturday morning.  Got there just in time for swim practice!  Happy to get into the water to remind myself I can swim in OW.  (sadly, i need to remind myself of this often.)  The swim was in this little inlet where the Tommy Barlett waterski show was. Night before race, we actually checked out the show as we were given free tickets.  Although I think the script is from the 1960's... it definitely provided some good wholesome family fun before the race.  Josh loved it.

After the swim, had some time to kill before packet pickup and hit the outlets where we got some random finds on the cheap.   After I racked my bike, we checked into our hotel and hit the waterparks! We decided to stay at Kalahari which did not disappoint. Hit all the waterslides... josh had a blast! Love that Rev3 finds family friendly locales!  We all hit the hay early and I had 8 hours of sleep night before race.

Race Morning:  drove our 2 miles to Tommy Barlett where parking was super easy and no hassle. 

Water was calm, good temp and about as good as i could have asked for minus a pool :)   Time trial start which was nice as there was limited contact off the bat and allowed me to settle into my stroke fairly quickly.  I felt pretty comfortable in the swim and thankfully had no freakouts.. however, we did see someone meltdown in an earlier time than me.

You run up a big hill to transition and loved all the space i had to get situated.  I didn't need much time in transition but it is nice when you aren't all crammed up on each other esp when you are pulling off your wetsuit.  My endcap spot was perfect.

This was the hilliest bike i have done.  Sadly, that shows 1. how little i bike on hills and 2. how little i bike period.  Found myself pushing through lots of hills and cursing the sky that I am not a better biker.  Sadly, i am not sure if that will push me to do more about it but in the moment, i said i would :) Once i dismounted the bike, man did my feet hurt from all the climbing.  I don't have "road bike" shoes as apparently i was sold mountain bike shoes when i got me bike... (UGH!)  Anyways, b/c i was pushing so much, i definitely felt it on my feet and all over my body.

Decided to go for it and run in my tri suit only.  As someone that leans close to the athena side of the scale, i felt a little daring doing this as i don't like myself hanging out all for the world to see.

Run:  Felt good on the run.  I love the combined events as there are a lot of runners out on the course and provides a good vibe.  The course has some hills and there was one portion where we ran down the main road and clogged up traffic.  It was a good and bad thing as there were many people that provided positive cheers and then some people that just stared at you annoyed they were in the traffic b/c of us.  Had a 12min/mile pace which was fine for me.

Was kindof tiring at the end of the run but a women pro came up behind me and pushed me to to end.  She wouldn't let me stop and was a great motivator.   Crossed the finish line with josh (although josh was reluctant to come with me) and had some grub, ART and then made our way back to Kalahari.  Sadly, we had already checked out of hotel so I decided to shower in the waterpark locker rooms.  Definitely not my favorite but well worth the annoyance for a free shower vs. $200+ for another night in our room.

Such a fun weekend.  Definitely will be doing this one again.. If i get the guts enough.... maybe will do the half and go for the even hillier ride next year!

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