Monday, October 8, 2012

Firefly 5K Review

I think this was Josh's last race of the season.  We signed up with a deal from Swaggle and got entries for $15 bucks each. We even convinced Scott to run it with us! We risked it and drove to Montrose Harbor and lucked out finding close free street parking and took our time getting over the race.  (Montrose Harbor can be really tricky to find free parking normally).

You got reflective bands for the race and we added some glow in the dark.   Josh had a blast but as this was the first year for the race and there was DEFINITE room for improvement.
Some of those things included:
  •  Making sure the walkers and strollers are started in the back... even a 3 mile later start would have been great.  As there are so many "newbies" to runs like this... walkers don't know they shouldn't line up in the front.  
  • They need to trim the trees that overhang over the path as i saw a few people run right into branches which is really dangerous
  • They needed to have "glow lighting" or something as there were lots of little curves on the path and saw a few people turn their ankles
  • Food trucks need to stock more food and they should have given them better headcounts (per one food truck worker)
  • GEAR CHECK... Worst.Ever!   This isn't rocket science... seriously. 
  • A glow in the dark shirt... not a black one! 
Well, those were my qualms... josh was pumped to pick up a big glow stick and necklace on the course so i guess some of us are more easily pleased than others!

And as for the race,  Josh ran the ENTIRE way.. didn't stop once and finished around 31 minutes... so proud as he made it clear he didn't want to stop and did great!

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