Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chicago Marathon 2012 Review

Couldn't help it.  Had to  RUN LIKE "L" in Chicago this year.

It is such a great way to end the long distance part of the season.  Love running through the city we have come to call home over these past 8 years.  You simply can't explain the crowd support and sheer volume of runners without experiencing it. Yes, yes, shamrock is similar but it is only an 8K.  Seeing the same type of support (if not better) for 26.2 miles is simply amazing.

Packet Pickup:  McCormick Place.  Amazing smooth, quick and the only line i waited in was to buy something fr NorthFace.  You pick up packet in three steps but so incredibly simple. As McCormick is specifically designed for conferences, it is very conducive for a packet pick up.   The expo was the biggest I have been to and their was no signs of a downward economy there. 

Pre-Race:The race was split into two waves which made for a really fluid start however i didn't have much to complain about in 2009 but I was late and someone hiked me over the fence so i didn't have much time to pay attention.  The marathon is so well planned out and with the new two time corrals, it made it even easier.  I slept over at a friends the night before and my cab ride from the loop was only 7 bucks.   Was able to get there with about 20 minutes to spare.  We were in the second wave start I am guessing the Kenyons were at mile 7 before we even started. Met up with Tia and we randomly saw Alli in our same corral! Took a quick pic and off we went. 

I wasn't quite in the front of the pack... but i am sure you can see me, right?!
Notable Points along the way:

Feet Fleet & Elvis
Nothing like Elvis serenading you around Mile 10.  Was looking forward to seeing him and he was singing Viva Las Vegas when I went by. 

Moody Bible Church
I loved the Moody Bible Church support.  I didn't remember them from previously and they were rocking out when i ran by.  They all had shirts that said "you run, we cheer" and had gospel music going and just awesome energy. I think they were my favorite part of the course.

Generally, there are lots of people around downtown.  I was able to see a few friends along the course and it was *EPIC*  Some friends I happened to pick out of the crowd without even knowing they would be there.
... around mile 17, i was blistering so bad.  never run a full in compression socks and think the little extra padding did me in.  got my feet bandaged up.  Sat for a few as there was a bit of a wait and then stood up only to realize... i have to run Another 9 miles... ugh

Heard lots of Gangnum Style through Pilsen. Had to do the dance.  Looked forward to seeing scott around mile 20. There are two aid stations in that mile and he was waiting in the second one (instead of the pre-arranged first).  It is funny how that half of mile i had to run to get to him felt like FOREVER!  Scott was preoccupied as docs were performing CPR on a man that was unconscious for at least 5 minutes. Amazingly, he came back and started breathing again.  Simply amazing and once again, we are reminded for all the things we are grateful for. 

Last stretch of the race.. the Dragon dancers were taking a break and was kindof a let down.  Scott really helped me push through these miles as after the blisters, i was really really really hurting. Couldn't have done it without him.

Said adieu to Scott and ran over "Mount Roosevelt" to see the finish line smiling at me.Crossed the finish, got medaled and then coordinated with scott.  He was going to get the car while i got my gear.  ... hobbled and pouted to scott on Wabash.  He got me a burger from DQ and i pounded it!  After my last bite, i noticed a man giggling at me as he apparently watched me eat the entire thing... classic.

The Chicago Marathon is one to remember.  I won't run it every year as I like changing it up (i.e. last year, ran a marathon with only 500 people), but will be back for another in the future. 

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