Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chicago Perfect 10 Race Review

When i got the follow up email from last year asking if i wanted to sign up for $20, i couldn't refuse.  As we have been wanting to have a baby for some time now, signing up for a race in Nov 2011 for Nov 2012 can be risky but for $20, why not!

Was happy I made the commitment for two reasons:  1.  no baby I am aware of and 2.November is the time in the season when you feeling done with long distance but still wanting to get a few races in before Chicago gets really cold.

The race started late as people were having difficulties getting parked at Navy Pier.  Now, i would have REALLY appreciated this effort if I was the one running late but as i was ontime and early, sitting around for another 30 minutes was quite frustrating... esp b/c i had a wedding to help out at that afternoon and this just delayed my whole day by 30 minutes.  During the time we were loitering around we saw Tera Moody which was quite cool.  Annoyed i didn't say hello but she was so in the zone, i didn't want to bother her.  (i later facebooked her and she was super sweet!)  ... girl crush?  maybe...

Once it was time to begin, we were off quickly.  The race got a little crowded in some areas but overall, it was a nice perfect day for a run.  I wore a jacket and 3/4 capris and was plenty warm. Standard lakeshore path race with a little clog up around the aquarium as always.  There is nothing fancy or exciting about the course which is plenty fine with me.  I love the gimmecky races but sometimes an old fashion run is just what you need.

Finished with a time of 1:05:00 even.  Pace 10:27/mile.  Considering I walked a bit when i saw a friend unexpectedly, i was happy with results.  Nice to feel like i got a tad faster this year. 

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