Monday, February 18, 2013

About Me

Thanks to Diva Dash, i have had a lot of new readers which i am very grateful for.  Also, appreciate those who have reached out to me.  Because of the increased readership, i thought i would do a mini introduction of myself in non-complete thoughts and sentences.  (sidenote: if you have major issues with typos, lack of punctuation and capitalization... this blog is NOT for you.)

ok, without further ado:  

Adopted Asian that is not very Asian.  please don't comment in korean to me.
Was a competitive gymnast as a kid and then quit before high school... this lead to me becoming the chubby athlete.  always athletic, even captain of my high school volleyball team, but always had some extra of me to love.

Went off to college and met a man name Precor Elliptical.  Had many dates with him at college and then tried my first 5K as a sophomore at The Ohio State University.  Wasn't particularly hooked at first however, did some 5-10K's throughout college.  After transferring to BYU (yes, i am  A Mormon)... i joined a 24 hour gym.  There, I enjoyed lots of late night gym sessions with my girlfriends... only to be followed by a drive through Krispy Kreme refuel.  (once a lover a food, always a lover of food). Even with all the food, managed to drop some weight but still on the softer side. 

got hitched in 2003, a baby in 2005 followed by major back surgery, i picked up running again and tried a few triathlons... very short ones that involved many panic attacks in the water.
First Marathon 2008
now, i am a thirty something mother of one who hopes to double that number to two in the near future!  because of that hope, i find myself not registering for too many races in the off season with the hopes of getting pregnant.  this leads to me then signing up for way too many races during the year and quite a few ill fitted race shirts (example:  2010, 2011, 2012).  definitely love racing more than i do training.  not a very fast runner so one could count my half marathons as training runs.

i have finished most checklist distances:
marathon, ultramarathon, half ironman however yet to complete a full ironman (i attempted in 2011 but due to severe stomach issues, fainting and low BP, i withdrew 60M into the bike). i plan to continue to work towards that goal of 140.6 while having fun and making friends along the way.

although running was my first love, triathlons have stolen my heart.  love the variety and challenge. this blog chronicles those hobbies and blunders in training. i also attempt to include race reports that vary in detail.  some might be as simple as "usual lake front path"... to detailing how eating a peanut butter cracker on the bike provided enough fuel to push me through that last killer ascent. (why does it always come back to food?!)

my husband and son are very supportive of my hobby and allows me to piggyback a lot of races into family vacas.  our family of three all golf so my recovery day is normally spent on the golf course in compression socks.  my son has picked up running and any given conversation with him might lead to him disclosing he is "the 8th fastest in the school"  and he would also work in that he is "ONLY a second grader."  he also tells me that he looks forward to when he will cross the finish line "way before me" and will get me water and wait for me at the finish line.

a usual summer sight

so, follow me along in my journey to ironman, happiness and quest to always losing 10 more pounds!

***if you want to hear about my family's happenings, continue or start reading my family blog. i felt keeping my hobbies on a different blog as most people only can handle one of the other. 

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