Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cupid's Love Dash- NorthShore Love Run Race Review

First 5K done for the season!  Josh decided to run with me for this one.  I was a little nervous about a winter 5K for josh (7 years old) as he isn't really running much except for his "7 minute run" in gym 3 days a week.   But figured, he is young and resilient... let's do it!

Volunteered at Packet Pickup on Saturday at Running Right in HP for a few hours.  Got to hang with the Race Director while people picked up their packets.

Packet Pickup:
Obviously, we picked up our bibs while volunteering but it was smooth and easy for those that came in.  People were allowed to change their shirts on the spot if there were extras and even opt out of a shirt for a pint glass.   As an owner of LOTS of ill fitted shirts, i really appreciated Carpe Diem letting people switch if a surplus was noted.  They also had swap bins at the race which was awesome as there were different styles people could switch out for.

That evening, made arrangements to meet up with a girlfriend at the race and we looked up the weather to see it was supposed to be icy rain race morning.  UGH!  What started with me not sure if josh was going to make it definitely turned into a bigger question mark.  I told my gf, if i work up to icy rain, we would pass.  I hate punking out on races (in fact, i never have) but i wasn't going to subject josh to those conditions. 

Woke up to no rain and josh with his race shoes on!  So, off we went... parked at the train station lots and had a short walk to the start line.  it was fairly cold and a little freezing rain but nothing horrible.  josh didn't complain at all so kept it positive and keep telling him how tough he was.

10K started before the 5K.  A few minutes after the 10K, the 5K was off.
The first half of the course started in downtown Highland Park.  There were a bunch of people on the street cheering and the fellow racers provided josh with a lot of support. We had a nice pace coming off of mile one and enjoyed the scenic course.  There was a little incline within the first half mile but nothing huge.  The roads were a little slippy at times but nothing that was dangerous.   There was one water station along the way and TWO candy stations.  We knew the ladies passing out the candy and josh took full advantage!  He grabbed a huge handful and stuffed it in his pocket.  We proceeded to run the next mile with one hand in his hoodie pocket for fear of losing candy.

The second half of the course winded through the residential area and the snow lined streets were really pretty.  We managed to keep a steady pace for mile2 but as we were on our last mile, josh wanted to walk.... i.e. pouty walk/everything started falling apart walk.  we dealt with a shoulder "injury", a pinkie toe "pain" and the bottom of his right leg "was killing".  All of this happened within 2 minutes!  He miraculously managed to perk up once he say the second candy station!  We finished strong and josh kicked it at the end when he saw the finish. 

We were medaled and welcomed with more candy!  There was also a hot chocolate truck josh bee lined over to.  We didn't stick around too long as we knew we had to get back for church but we managed to see a few friends we knew and got the free popcorn the popcorn shop was handing out and high tailed it home.

Awesome race.  Colleen and Carpe Diem do a wonderful job managing the details well. Course was closed with spacious roads and volunteers were great!  (granted, i am biased as i knew a lot of them)  Definitely recommend this race to anyone next year. 

Even though it wasn't his fastest race, he still did great!!!  He ended up placing first in his age division.   He was pumped! Here's to a great 2013 racing season!

2013 Cupids Love Dash 5K Run
Sunday, February 10, 2013

Josh Kesten

Age 7
Gender M
Bib # 4657
Overall Place 153
Age Group Place 1 M 1- 8
Gun Time 00:32:52.7
Chip Time 00:32:44.2
Pace 10:34

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