Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Confessions of the a Lifetime Member - Part Tres

Continuation of Part One & Two
  • the snorkel people are multiplying and they are all really rude... i think they are under the impression that b/c they are using paddles, flippers, snorkels and have an ipod on, they do not need to use proper lane etiquette.  they are just giving me one more reason to not swim.
  • i run with the run club every once in a while and love the group.  we have all speeds from 6-12 minute/mile pace and everyone is chill and nice. because i am in HR for my work, I am constantly talking/managing so running is my chance to shut it all out.. be quiet and shut my brain off.. however, once in a while, running with a group is really great.  Variety is good!
  • there is now a sign in the locker room that says you should not sit on the benches without clothes on (i.e. please do not hang out butt naked on the benches).  as outrageous as this notice is, there are still people that do it.. i think those people were meant to be rule breakers.   and just if you were wondering, they do NOT look like the girls from the Planet Fitness Commercials
  • isn't it ironic when you tell someone for years they should check out my gym and then you find out they joined and didn't attach your name to their membership?!  
  • wondering how people don't think is it rude to be talking on your cell phone loudly in the cardio area.  
  • i love the chicken quesadilla in the cafe
  • so happy volunteered at the indoor tri.  have met some really cool people who i hope take the plunge for an outdoor one this summer!


  1. What's the deal with snorkel swimmers? Are they practicing their form or something and don't want to focus on turning their heads?

  2. From the ones i see regularly, i kindof think they are people that don't have their breathing down and use the snorkel solely b/c they can't swim without it. Either way, I call them the "Snorks" ... remember that TV show?

  3. Aww...I loved the Snorks as a kid! What a blast from the 80s! "We're the Snorks...dadadadadadada." ***singing the theme song*** :-D

    1. Ha! i loved that show too.. esp the pink snork. My husband didn't know what the snorks were when i posted this pic.. we are the same age and i am somewhat concerned he grew up in a hole :)