Tuesday, April 9, 2013

If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

When i find something I like, i tend to buy stock in it.  Not (necessarily) literally... but I will buy multiples of an item...  Case in point:

Nike 3/4 zip jacket... Lululemon's In Stride Jacket
Top Row: Asics DS Trainer ala 2010-2012... Bottom Row: Brooks Cadence and Cascadia 2013* Also pictured: my granny slippers

Other things I hoard:  Target's Champion capris, Nike's Tech 6" shorts, pens that make a good clicking sound, race bibs, hair ties that have the perfect stretch, dresses with sleeves, permanent markers, hoodies, expensive stationary, GapFit racerback tanks, and wedges that make my legs look longer.

In the shoe department,  i am currently addicted to Brooks Running shoes.  Pure Cadence and Cascadias to be exact.  However, i went to go purchase another pair of Cadence (now Cadence 2) and read the following review:

My last shoe was the PureCadence 1 and I loved it! But, since I could not find any more PC1s in my size, I decided (based on reviews here) to try the PureCadence 2 - what a mistake! It is so stiff and uncomfortable and way too tight across the top of the foot even with my narrow feet. The arch also hits at an odd spot - definitely not a comfortable running shoe. Sadly, I did not find this out until on an actual run - so they cannot be returned!! The only improvement Brooks made to the PC2 shoe was the attached tongue. All other changes were a step down. Now I am stuck with a shoe that is not even comfortable to walk in!!! 

NOOOOOOOOO!!!  Dangit!
Obviously, one review doesn't mean that will be my fate but it made me not order them online and now will have to go to RoadRunner to try them out.. and then buy more than just the shoes i planned on. 

Am i the only person that gets really upset about this?!?! 


  1. You're not alone! I'm definitely wary of the "next generation" of my shoe models. I ordered an pair of my Brooks Cadence 1 when I heard & saw the 2nd generation -- it even looks different! Search & order online since you know your size & that you like it. Holabird Sports is often where I've gotten shoes from online in the past at the biggest discount. Zappos also appears to have a good selection of sizes as well.

    1. Thanks for the holabird tip! never heard of them before.. definitely will be frequenting that site often!

  2. Girl, yes. I freak out completely when my faves get discontinued. I'm also an episode of Hoarders waiting to happen... we should have meetings.

    1. Hi, my name is nicole and i hoard running clothes and shoes