Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lakefront 10 Miler Race Review

flooded highway... #notcool
For those of you not in Chicago, the weather has been temperamental, at best, this past week.  We had ridiculous rain/flooding on Thursday. 
There was a lot of damage throughout chicagoland and it was one of few days I was grateful to be in a condo with no worries of house flooding. After the rain, the temps dropped and it was snowing on friday... Snowing at the end of April in Chicago!!!  Although there are far more important things going on in the world, snow at the end of april is kindof ridiculous.
snow in april... #notcooleither

So, i went with semi-cold wear for the Lakefront10, wintery jacket with my lulu buff and nike capris.  I love those buffs b/c they really keep my entire body warm and I can wrap around my fanny pack if i get off.  I ended up keeping it on the entire time today.  I am tempted to say it was a 'standard lake front course,' but it was a bit different than that so will go into more detail. 

Packet Pickup:  CARA was awesome enough to have packet pickups in multiple locations, including RRS right by house.  Easy Peasy.. so happy when i dont have to drive into the city (or make the husband) to get my packet.

#runforboston - yellow/blue ribbon
Pre-Race: I met up with Tia and we cabbed it from her house to the start line which made it really easy. As they closed the Montrose Parking lot, trying to park near the start could have been a little hairy but thankful not to have to worry about that!

Got there with a bit of time and we loaded in the starting area earlier than normal to attempt to stay warm.  The windy was definitely whipping through that area and it was cold.  We met up with a M4M donor, Denise who has a great foundation and running training program.  She donated over 70 medals to M4M Chicago the week before and was so grateful to ship her Boston Marathon medals to M4M Boston to go to victims and first responders!

Race: Race started right on time and we were off.  Settled in a good pace right away (~10 min/miles) and felt good. I didn't really have an specific plans for this race as I decided to run it last minute.  Just happy to be out on the course and #runforboston. The course does a lot of winding around going over bridges, under bridges and over Crickett Hill.  They said there was a total of 95 feet elevation gain which is a lot for Chicago Lakefront and it is probably pathetic to say that i noticed the bit of elevation gain; specifically the hill.  The hill is a short ascent and b/c of the mud, people were going up and down it pretty slow.  For it being a lake front course, i felt like they did a good job at making it unique.  There were a few parts where we ran the same 50K course and was happy i didn't have to do this loop 3 times! 

There was a fair amount of ice on the path when we made our way up to Foster turnaround.  i was a little nervous about this as i didn't want to be dealing with the icy path for 10 miles but the sun did it's thing and got rid of all the ice to made it a non-issue for the last 8.5 miles.  I finished 6 miles at: 1:00:49 and realized that I could probably break 1:45 if i maintained a decent pace, which would be a PR. They also had water/gatorade every 2 miles which was plenty for me and the volunteers (medical and CARA youth) were awesome on the course.  So enthusiastic and definitely appreciate the MD's biking the course checking in on the runners.  Was not sure if this was something CARA just does for this race now or a response to Boston but the increase in volunteers and presence was noticed. 

Cricket Hill. Denise looks so happy! I am faking it :)
At about mile 7, i started being bothered by a blister I had {flashback:  thursday when we were dealing with all the water; i wore my Hunter boots to the gym.  In the process of showering, i somehow lose my socks at the gym.  So, i had to wear my boots sans socks. I only had to get josh and run to Walgreens so i wasn't too worried.  However, within the 100 feet total i took, i got HUGE water blisters on the back of my feet.  UGH!}  Although my blisters were bothering me,  kept up my pace and didn't start a walk/run as i knew it would be hard to want to keep moving.  Only walked once after one water stop to put a bandaid on my right heel.  It was worth the extra bit of time and really helped me finish mentally. Ended up clocking a 1:44:55, over 2:30 minute PR.   Will take it!

Post Race Party:
Met up with Denise and her friend while we started collecting all our post race goodies. They had A LOT of food post race which was awesome.  As you can see, I took full advantage.  I remember doing this race two years ago and it felt a lot bigger today.. however, when i compared finisher stats, it was only 150 runners more so I think they just grew the post race party which made it feel bigger. They also handed out beer and I gave my ticket to a lucky random.  Overall, a great race and will be back. 

Mac & Cheese after the race.. yes please!


  1. Congrats on the PR. Great post race food: Mac and Cheese? How cool.

    1. thanks! and yes, mac and cheese post race esp b/c it was cold... totally cool

  2. Congrats on the PR! That mac and cheese looks good! I love races with real food afterward!

    1. there was so much food there... i remember when i did it two years ago, i had pizza and pickles. seems like CARA is committed to good post race grub!

  3. I was staffing the Ragnar booth and Tia came by to say hi to me - I think you were with her. If I'd have known it was you I'd have introduced myself!

    1. Poopy! Yes, that was me with Tia. We are kindof partners in crime when it comes to races... i swear we are feeding each others habit! :)

  4. I saw you all out there while driving down LSD on my way to take my girls to ballet. We said "Brrrr" and cheered all of you brave souls on!

  5. Cool! Congrats on the PR! I've never raced in snow/ice before (Californian, hehe). That's good that the sun came out and made it not too icy.