Friday, April 5, 2013

Medals4Mettle Process

Medals prepped and read to donate!
Proof I keep all the addresses!
A lot of people ask how i manage medal donations for M4M so i wanted to share my process.

Step 1:  see package by my door and figure it is probably medals (my son has learned not to get excited when he sees a flat rate USPS box)

Step 2:  open box and save the return address if one is marked.  I also keep two bins of medals;  one with people that fill out legacy forms and one box for those that don't.  If you fill out a legacy form, i then rubberband your form around your medals and/or but them in a zippy bag so they don't separate.

Step 3: find worth recipients (in 2012: Miseracordia,  Mercy Home for Boys and Girls & Relay for Life were the big groups we works with along with many individual recipients) and present them medals with the M4M ribbon on the medal.  Many times, I ask the recipients if they like certain things to try to match up the medals with their likes.  If i pick from my bin with the legacy cards, i always make sure i attach that with the medal.

Step 4:  send thank you notes. With M4M, i normally send out thank yous twice a year and was pretty consistent .. except for all of last year.

Last week, I have gone through all of the addresses and sent LONG OVERDUE thank you postcards.   52 to be exact. Although they are really late to some, i figured "better late than never" (and yes, i even included that wording on the postcard.  Ironically, I got a email from HQ after I started this overdue project reminding all chapters how important thank-you's are.

So, to those that have ever donated to M4M, thank you.  We truly appreciate your donation and so thankful for your generosity.  We thank you!  (even if the Chicago Chapter is a little late on the uptick)

***********also, if any of you know of any worthy recipients that you believe would benefit from a medal, please let me know.  I am ALWAYS looking for good people that deserve medals!**************


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I have a friend who was interested in donating medals, so I am going to send her this link :)

    1. Awesome. Thanks so much. She can email me if she wants as well!

  2. Good to learn more about this process! I'd been meaning to send some off before I even realized that I "knew" you! Now I'll get them in the mail that much quicker!