Friday, April 19, 2013

Running Blogger Survey

Kelly , a new internet bestie, started this Chicago Running Blogger Survey and I wanted to play too! Kelly was also nice enough to feature me on her blog last week so if you need more of me .. click here to see the article.

Best Run Ever
The one that kept popping into my head was my first 5K in college. Was still living in the dorms and I was so scared to run a 5K- a whole 3.1 miles... at once. I remember i had a yellow sony arm walkman and was so proud of myself when I finished. Who would have ever known 13 years later, I would have embraced running as much as i have.

Three Words that Describe My Running
Therapy. Social. Rewarding

This kid loves me
Look, I have friends

My Go-To Running Outfit

Nike Running Capris, Feetures Socks, Brooks Cadence and depending on the weather; either a short sleeve dri-fit tee or a running jacket. Oh, and a hat, I have too many wispies and need them tucked away vs. looking like a gymnast with 5,000 barrettes in my hair. I also am tying a ribbon in my hair this year. I told my husband it is "my thing" this year. My current ribbon has pigs on it!

Quirky Habit While Running
Aside from me constantly trying to take good race photos of myself in a perfect stride, i do sometimes do this thing where i hit my right arm against my side for no apparent reason... it is when my arm goes in T-Rex mode and it kindof cups down when i run... my husband has told me during the chicago marathon that "i was doing good but my dino arm needs to go"
One of my better photos.. minus the obvious heel strike
Possible TRex Right Arm Sighting

Morning, Mid-day, or Evening
I have to be at work most mornings at 7 am and the days i don't, I have my son solo so mornings are out. And I work where I don't really take even take a real lunch break so mid-day lunch runs are you (i am really jealous of those who can do that though)... so that leaves me to evening runs/workouts. Although I probably would prefer mid-day, evening schedule will have to do. Pictured: a date with my bike on the trainer and bootleg Downtown Abbey... very sophisticated, i know.

I Won’t Run Outside When It’s
Icy. Snow and cold don't really bother me since I bought proper winter wear. {My proper winter wear: Lulu neck warmer thing, running fleece jacket and winter running tights... a must!} However, icy sidewalks make it not worth the run for me. When you feel like you are ice skating (in a bad way), it makes me really nervous about falling and injury... esp with my old lady back.

Worst Injury and How I got over it
Recovering from Back surgery December 2008-
2 microdiscectomies and a laminectomy

my "back" story in a nutshell: I had the surgery after ~7 years of on/off again back problems. slipped my first disc in 2001 and then had problems since then. (had injections in 2001-2002) i could go for 4-6 mths and have NO issues and then lift something/or turn funny and BAM... can't walk, numb leg for weeks. In 2007 (on vacation in a 3rd world country) i had this episode: And that was the turning point that surgery was going to need to be done. The "medic" at the resort wanted me to take a $100 cab ride and get cash surgery in Santa Domingo! Luckily I didn't, settled for NSAID injected into my bum and made it home. The MRI showed another disc herinated/bulging on both sides.

Went on for another year ok and then had another major episode. this time the third disc bulged and dropped making it so no steroids or anything would work and sx was required. Surgery Dec 2008.

Back surgery is what lead me to Triathlons b/c the pool is definitely your friend when you have back problems. It took almost a full year to feel back to normal but probably 6-8 mths to start really running again and feeling comfy. From what i remember.. i started back really short distances and took my time almost 2-3 min slower than i would before. By the end of the 2009, i ran the Grand Rapids Marathon (very slowly) but finished! i still am very cautious of what i do (i.e. don't ask me to lift a case of water out of the trunk) but the surgery was the best decision i made b/c i haven't had any major set backs since they cut out the bad disc.

...that was long, sorry

I Felt Most Like an Aweome Runner When
Finishing my first 50K. It really was amazing. I have since run another

Coke on the course... #isthisheaven

Potential Running Goal for 2013
To run a race pregnant... with the main objective being pregnant and then have real reasons to be able to chow down after the race.

Next Race Is
Wisconsin half marathon with a bunch of friends, half fanatics and maybe a husband. :)

OK, Now your turn, Answer those questions and post your link to Kelly's Blog!


  1. Oh my gosh, you're running the Wisconsin Half Marathon!?!?!? I am running it, too! So we will for sure meet up there! Woo hoo!!!

    1. there are a few other bloggers that are too. we will have to make a specific meet up. Congrats on LF10. we finished right around the same time!

  2. Your T. rex arms comment has me laughing. I have scrawny little arms that I like to call my T. rex arms and although I don't think (hope?) that I do anything funny with them as I run, I definitely hold them a little T. rexy when I'm standing sometimes. Good luck with your 2013 goal and with training for the Wisconsin half! :)

  3. Thanks for chipping in! I lived in Santo Domingo for a few years and it woulnd't be my first choice for life-altering surgery. When my sister fell and got a concussion, she had to wait two days for an MRI because at the time, there was only 1 machine on the entire island. We also had to bring our own sheets, drugs and IVs to the hospital when we were sick.

    1. Ugh. that story just gave me shivers.. so happy i didn't have surgery there!