Friday, April 12, 2013

Road Runner Sports Adventure Race - Wilmette, IL

Last night Josh and I tried out our first Adventure Run at RRS. Definitely recommend so check if there is a local one in your area.  It is a FREE race they put on once a month.  You run to checkpoints in the local neighborhood to gather raffle tickets for prizes back at the store.

During the day i wasn't sure if we were actually going to make it b/c the weather was really crappy; thunderstorms and downpour and I wasn't going to subject him to those kindof conditions.  As i kid, i had the WORST experience in swim classes and i swear it scarred me for a large part of my life.  I do not want that to happen with J and running so i am cognizant of what I should subject him too at this point. Luckily though, the weather cleared and we were good to go.

I was really excited about this fun run for a few reasons:
1. Local and within 2 miles of my house
3. Lots of raffle prizes

Josh and I showed up at 6:15 for the 6:30 start... I bought the AdventureRun Shirt ($20)  --{me, impulse buying... suprise} and with that purchase, we got our first raffle tickets.   Also, getting the shirt allows you to get extra raffle tickets at each checkpoint so it was a really good investment.. more on that later. At 6:30, they revealed the map and we were off.  There were 3 easy checkpoints within a few hundred feet and then the rest were scattered up to 1.7 miles away from the store.   I knew we probably wouldn't get to all the checkpoints but figured we could get the most of them.

The stations had little events at each of them which Josh found really fun.  He did his first burpees and told me he thought "they were really cool but made him tired".  We kept a good pace while running (~9min/miles) and hit all the checkpoints except one.  On our way back, we had to push it a bit which Josh wasn't too pleased about.  Heard the following:  "I am so pooped"  "You are making me so tired mom"  "I wish it was only a 30 minute run instead of an hour"  ... but miraculously, we managed to get back to the store right on time and ran 4.5 miles per my GPS.  Longest J has ever ran and minus the bit of complaining at the end, he did great!

Once we got back, we put our raffle tickets in the box and they started the raffle.  We didn't have any luck at first although Josh got excited with every ticket.  They had so many giveaways:  shoes, socks, theater tickets, race entries, Cara Membership, it was awesome. As they were winding down, Josh was bummed b/c we were leaving empty handed. A minute after he said that, his name was pulled from the instore purchase raffle!  SCORE!  He went up and got his prize and was so excited!   He got a duffle bag, 50% birkenstock purchase, a drifit shirt, 2 water bottles and a $20 champs giftcard.  He was stoked!  Afterwards, some of the group went to Chammps for the after party.  We skipped as it was after his bedtime but josh was really excited he got the "biggest prize as the duffel was so big!"

Definitely would count it as a success and RRS did a great job with the event.  We will definitely be back and hope to volunteer at one shortly.  

looking forward to a quiet(er) weekend where I might sneak in a race, watch lots of Masters Coverage and hopefully get out to play at least 9 with the family if the weather isn't completely miserable. 

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