Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Iron Girl Triathlon Coupon Code

Excited to be an IronGirl Ambassador.  As a male dominated sport (70% men: 30% women according to the USAT 2012 Demographics), it is great to see an event that specifically promotes womens involvement in the sport.  This race provides awesome swag (cool finishers medal, tech shirt & post race breakfast cafe).

I am registered for IronGirl Pleasant Prarie and look forward to racing with some amazing women!  Whether you are a fast one who is looking for a podium finish (that includes some sweet IronGirl jewelry)  OR a newbie wanting a safe welcoming first race, this race is for you!

I have a code for all Irongirl events 
(except Fountain Hills and Del Mar - Sorry, they aren't doing codes for those) 

use code:  TRIBLOGGER  for $10 off!


  1. I would SOOO be there if they allowed SCUBA gear, or created a "Sucktastical Swimmer" group.

  2. Hey! My name is Christina, I am signed up for the Las Vegas Tri. My first! I wish I could join you for your races but I'm in California.
    A small bit about me: I'm the mother of 7 awesome kids! In January when I registred for the triathalon I weighed 288 pounds, as of today May 29, 2013, I weigh 236. That's over 50 pounds GONE! All as a result of training for this race. I'm not looking to place, I just want to finish. I would LOVE a swim cap, and I would wear it proudly. My email is, piratical210-go@yahoo.com A Purple or Pink swim cap would be fun. Thanks.