Saturday, May 18, 2013

Since i started working at my office, I have people threaten me at least once a month with the line... "Well, my husband is an attorney..." and then they proceed to make demands at me..., i am officially able to respond back... "well, my husband is an attorney too!"  Ok, let's be honest, i won't say that b/c i am too PC but i can at least say it in my head to provide some comedy during annoying moments.

Although I normally race on Saturday, today I celebrated Scott finishing his own 4-year "marathon." The road has been long and tumultuous at times but I am so grateful Scott made the decision to continue his education and attend night school while working full time, holding church callings and be a good dad/husband. You may here me complain about not having control of the remote in the evenings but I am quite excited for him to be around more.  But he does have 4 more classes for his MBA so I will have a few nights alone to keep control of the remote :)

Congrats Scott Kesten, Esq.  I love you


  1. Congrats to Scott!!! And you three make such a lovely family :)

  2. Congrats Scott!

    And I hope people are joking when they threaten that way? LOL!

    1. THanks.. sadly, they aren't joking :(