Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Take Time Tuesday

Live Half Full
I met Katie of LiveHalfFull for lunch and had an awesome time meeting her and chowing over some amazing Salads.  I also thought it was about time I participated in her Take Time Tuesday.  I have been wanting to do this for a while so today is the day.  The goal is to take time to remember that which we are grateful for. 

1.  Charles Ramsey.  The already internet sensation and hero is pretty awesome.  If you watch the actual interview, the people watching around him is just as good.  As I grew up in Cleveland, I am proud he did the right thing and saved those girls.  McD's better give him a free pass for the year for the free marketing!

2.  I have had this happen to me twice (in slightly different circumstances) but wanted to share one of them.  Some of you may know, i was featured on the main page of Yahoo.com a few weeks ago.  I was very honored for this feature and loved people calling/texting me from around the country giving me love.  Specifically, the people that aren't even remotely connected to the social media world were the ones to first tell me about the feature. Anyways, I was at the gym sharing a lane with a guy I have met a few times and M4M came up.  He proceeded to tell me about this girl that was featured on Yahoo.  He said he read her blog and told me it was "some silly name" and that the girl was "kindof slow".  I waited for him to finish his thought and followed up with.... "well, why don't you tell me what you really think of me!?"  He gave me a funny look and then I informed him that it was Me on the Yahoo Page.  He proceeded to buy me a smoothie b/c he was so embarrassed! We laughed about it and I told him  No harm no foul.. food always makes it better! ;)

3. This past weekend, we had our Fort2Base kickoff meeting and really excited to be an ambassador for the race. The RD hosted a dinner and Josh and I made the trip down to the city while Scott studied for finals.  Yummy food, great conversations and loved all the swag!  KellytheCulinarian is the Ambassador Director and really excited to be part of the team!
Kelly, you rocked that dress!
 4. Grateful to learn about BlogLovin'!  What hole have I been in?  Do a lot of you use it? Is it a huge timesuck?

5.  I was looking at my analytics and someone found my site googling the keywords "Tri Suit Muffintop" ... awesome!  Had a good laugh over that one and grateful there is at least one other person concerned about that issue.


  1. I love Bloglovin' for me it's a time SAVER because I mark read a lot when things don't interest me. ;)

    I didn't actually see the Yahoo feature so I'm so glad you have a screenshot- so amazing!

    Also, so amazing to meet you. Thanks for participating, I hope you come back next week!

  2. Girrrrrlllll...it could've been my silly name that is sorta like GARAGE SALE, but not. And it's a well known fact I'm kinda slow. This is the best story ever, btw. I wish people bought me smoothies when that happened. I usually just get a summons to court.

    1. haha. thanks again for the opportunity! you would have died if you heard that conversation. since he normally only sees me in my swim stuff with my cap and goggles i could see how he wouldn't have known.