Saturday, May 4, 2013

Wisconsin Half Marathon Race Review

Pre-Race: Dude took 3 with his finger in all of them.
Some of you may recall the time i mentioned that my husband agreed to run a 1/2 with me... and those who know him well, might have gotten a good laugh when i mentioned it to them as they thought I was joking. However, it happened! I am not sure if it is a sign of the times but I will say, it happened and it was pretty awesome. Also, just a disclaimer: this is still a race review but definitely a bit of a salute to Scott as well. Just warning... nothing to sappy, I promise.

Packet Pickup-
there were multiple locations for pickups including one in the Chicago area (which just happened to be in the suburb where i live, SCORE!)  However, quickly realized that was the weekend I was in SC/OH and many of my friends were already committed during the pickup times.  Emailed the race to see if there were other options and didn't get too positive of response.  Luckily, my friend found someone to get them so we were ok.

The race is located in Kenosha which is ~1 hr from Chicago which makes it an easy day trip.  Our friend Tia picked us up at 5:15am and we were looking for parking by 6:20.  There is a ton of free parking within .5 miles of the start which made it nice.  Got to the start with time to hit the portos.  Scott was less than enthused at this point as he was definitely tired from the 5:15 am wake up call and fairly under trained.. however, he made nice, took pics and we mapped out our plan:  Let's see how far Scott can run and then we will run/walk.  A very well laid out plan, i know.

Race started right on time and we were off.  The course is flat with only a 115 ft elevation gain overall... which really is just from a half dozen rollers throughout the course.  I was taking Scott's lead and we started off at 10:30 minute miles.  He surprised himself and me when we ended up running the first 7 miles uninterrupted. (at first, he said 4, then kept extending it to 7) The course first ran south of the city by some beautiful lakefront homes and then made its way back through downtown and north to the highschool with a out and back turnaround.  The course was scenic and not congested (except for the first mile) but the out and back in the end made it a bit boring.

We got in a groove really quickly and ran a mile or so with Barb, a friend I met at Egg Shell Shuffle.  At mile 7, we walked for a bit and then started running again fairly quickly.  We did water/gatorade at every stop and Scott seemed to be in a groove.  I made Scott a bib to wear on his back that said:  "My wife asked me to run a half for mother's day... here i am.... Mothers Day Gift, CHECK!"  I found it funny and ladies were commenting to him throughout the course which i knew made him feel good!  Who doesn't love hearing "you are such an awesome husband!"

Mile 8ish, i think
Mile 8 & 9- we still kept a decent pace with minimal walking.  We were making our way back toward downtown and say the Polkaholics playing.  At that point, we killed a mile talking about John Candy and The Polka Kings from Home Alone.  We could not figure out where The Polka Kings were from and this conversation distracted us for a good two miles as we rehashed that entire movie.  (Looked up later, Polka Kings were traveling from PA to Milwaukee, your welcome)

Miles 10-11-12- These were our slowest miles. Scott didn't ever hit "the wall" but he was tiring and his one foot was bothering him. I was happy he didn't hit the wall b/c I wanted the experience to be a positive one esp for a skeptic like him. He pushed himself and set parameters when he wanted to walk/run. These miles, our discussion went from Polka Kings to talking about power songs and how he missed his Nano he lost in Jamaica. Scott loves classic rock (Zepplin, Floyd) and would tell you anything else that is "real music." However, he told me that Britney Spears song, Scream and Shout, has been in his head for days and decided to download it. Little did he know, it became his power song. The last 2 miles, he listened to it a few times and proceeded to tell it to me in the spoken word edition.

Could not stop laughing hearing scott repeat over and over (in a faux English Accent)
Bring the action...
When we up in the club... all eyes on us
See the boys in the club... they watching us...

At any rate... the last few miles weren't too bad. Finished the last quarter of a mile with a 8:23 pace per our garmins to bring us in right under 2:30. Crossed the finish line and were medaled and mylared. We chugged some water and Scott wanted to sit while we waited for Tia.  I took our food tickets and got our brats and sodas (beer was also an option).  We watched the marathon winners come in 15-20 minutes after we finished and Scott was proud we weren't lapped :)  Tia finished and she wasn't feeling the brat so I went back into the tent and got another!  The food guys gave me a hard time when I got the first two and I got heckled the third time I used Tia's ticket.  For the record, I only ate one but have two in the fridge waiting for me!

Too lazy to flip this.. sorry.
Walked back to the car, made a pit stop at the outlets and was home by lunchtime.  Great race, love the post race goodies and the gender specific shirt.  First did this race in 2011 and will probably be back for another!

Some thoughts on running with the husband:
1. I couldn't get too close to him b/c his elbow was in the direct path on my chin so there were a few times I almost got clocked from his arm swinging backwards.
2. We laughed during a lot of the run and I personally really enjoyed his company.
3. Although he said he was a "one and done" guy, I don't think this will be his last.  I don't think he will ever be a regular but I do see some special appearances from him maybe once a year?
4. Running next to him for 13.1 miles allowed me to see that for every 5 strides he takes, i take 8. (6'3" vs. 5')
5. He really could be a lot faster if he wanted but I think I enjoyed his company too much to tell him :)
6. Best Mothers Day Gift!!

To round out the post, some pics for your viewing pleasure.

As a non-drinker, I am exempt from this poll, however, I was impressed  she was running with the  stakes still in the sign!
Dude ran entire half in a suit... he said it was because he was challenged too.  
Someone found their reward
Me and my first brat
Might be getting tight and sore at this point
The Three Amigos!


  1. I saw you guys, I was ran the full, I was running behind you for a while and saw his sign. I made a comment that my husband was probably home sleeping.

    1. Congrats on the full! Scott loved all the attention from the ladies! Next time, say hello. would love to meet!

  2. Congrats! I was there too at the half -- we'll have to try & officially meet up next time!

  3. Oh my gosh - I met you and I didn't even know it was you! My friend Sarah and I were chatting with you at the north end, talking about what OUR husbands were doing then, haha! NICE job, and congrats to your hubs too!

    1. Too funny esp b/c i have been reading your blog too!
      hopefully next time we "meet", we realize it. Congrats on your race!

  4. Aww! I wish I would have known you were there so I could say hi! I love that you two did this together and had such a fun time talking! Why did't you whip out your phones to check that movie reference? Hee hee.

    And I love the sign he was wearing! Wish I would have seen it! Congrats to both of you! :)

    1. Kilax- I actually tried to check on my phone but couldn't find it easily enough. Sadly, the picture people GOT ME looking at my phone! Totally bummed I missed your blogger meetup. This is now the second race we missed each other. You doing 'Merica??

  5. Nicole! I think I saw you and your husband on the course! It was around mile 10 near that hill with the sign that said "It's a hill. Get over it." I think I heard who I thought was you say something to him about checking the split at the next mile marker (in case you remember details like that!) In any event - huge congratulations to both of you on a fantastic race!!! And I am certain that Scott will be back for more halves or other race distances very soon thanks to your fantastic influence. =)

    1. that was totally us! jury still out if he will be back but will be really happy if he does!