Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chicago Women's Half Marathon

Participated in the Women's Half for the second year in a row.  

Packet Pickup -
They have pickup at both Feet Fleet locations during the week leading up the race.  I picked mine up at Pipers Alley and was lucky to score metered parking right in front the store (i don't care how rich or poor you are, getting good parking in Chicago is worth bragging about). Picked up a few packets (as you are allowed to get them for friends).   The swag was a brooks short sleeve shirt and a SweatyBand.

A friend stayed with us the night before as she was coming from Wisconsin.  We woke up and was out the door by 5am.  Got some close parking right off Michigan and Congress and made our way over the start.  We took the long way as we stopped at the Hilton and met up with some of the ladies I am going to be working with as a run coach this year. I start long runs with them next Saturday and can't wait to be involved with their journeys.

After "mandatory pics", we were off.  Started running with my girlfriend and we ended up staying together for 8 miles.  We kept a 10:30 pace and was doing well.  It was hot but the race did a good job at having lots of cool down stations (i.e. dude with a sprinkly hose, those cool fans and lots of aid stations). Around mile 8, I really wanted to make sure i stayed hydrated.  As i got horrible heat stroke the weekend before, i didn't want a repeat so at the closest aid station to 8, i took about 6 cups of water. Normally too much for me but felt better safe than sorry.  Continued to coast through the miles, saw a few people I knew along the course and run with a friend from mile 11-12.  Ended up finishing at 2:24 per my garmin.   Took a bunch of water, "mandatory post race pics" and then quickly made my way back to the car. 

As my husband was teaching Sunday School, i didn't want to miss it.  After dropping off a friend and racing back home, quickly showering and taking in some more water, made it to Sunday School just a few minutes after class started. (10:05).  Considering i crossed the finish line around 8:58ish, i was pretty happy with that!  After church, drank my favorite recovery drink.. pickle juice.  gross to some, but amazing to me! 


  1. I'm going to try pickle juice after my next ride! HA!

  2. Wow, your jedi master time tricks are way impressive!