Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Leon's Triathlon Race Review - Relay Edition

***Not a traditional race report *** Kindof a rambling race report
Well, triathlon season (kindof) started for me.   I decided to open with a relay at Leon's triathlon.  I opted for the relay b/c I wanted to support the Crush Athletes/ Jeremy (the RD and Crush Founder) so I volunteered to take pictures of Crush Athletes after my swim.  I also had a little set up for M4M so figured i had enough going on and swimming .9 would be enough for the weekend.

Saturday, I  headed down to Hammond for mandatory packet pickup.  This can be a little annoying for those that are far away and I decided to just get a hotel for the evening.  Got there right when it opened, set up my little M4M table and got my packet with my team.  After we got our timing stuff and shirts, i took a quick dip in the water.   Water was decent, could have been worse.

Sunday- Race Day
First, gotta say it was really weird only bringing a wetsuit to the race.  I woke up regretful that I was only doing the swim.  Drove about 10 minutes to race (parked at HighSchool across the street.. nice to have a large free parking lot across the street).  The wind and temp dropped like crazy while we were waiting to start and then i didn't feel as bad only doing to relay :)   The race had a nice military tribute with a Garrison Flag Ceremony and then the swimmers lined up.

Seeing a girl I have known since elementary school!

They had a paddleboat water leg option!

We walked out onto the pier and I was in the back of the line.  Shook Leon's hand before getting in the water and I was just getting in when they yelled out "10 seconds!"   Thank goodness I swam a bit the day before.  The water felt WARM compared to the outside temps.  There were 15 buoys total in a triangle shape.  Getting in the water last, put me in the back of the pack.  I did OK for the first two buoys then started having a little freakout at buoy #13  (they counted down from 15).  I did a bit of a breast stroke and then got to #11 fairly easily.  Considering I have had major meltdowns in the water, i would consider this a win for me!  At #11, there was a women waving her arms trying to get pulled out. She was really struggling and having a panic attack.  I was quite concerned for her as I have never verbalized my OWS struggles and she was freaking out.  Waited with her and asked her to lay on her back and just relax.  A boat came over and during the time we were together, I saw 2 other people get pulled out. She got pulled out and then I had to swim past 10 more buoys.  That whole ordeal took about 7 minutes according to my clock which I was happy to give up to be with her.    I got in a groove after i left her but still STINK at sighting.  I mean, I stink! It didn't help there was a sideways current and a fair amount of chop but I was lucky that the chop didn't bother me.

Was happy to see the huge Garrison Flag hanging (our sighting flag for the finish). The water started getting really cold toward the end of the swim.  Got out, ran to transition... tagged my teammate and i was done.  It was a weird feeling to be in transition and be done.  Mike grabbed his bike and dropped the hammer for the ride.  I changed into dry clothes in a corner of the tent and probably mooned some people and then took pics out on the bike and run course. Loved cheering on my team and Crush teammates! It was so cold and some of the athletes looked miserable on the bike with the wind.  I also witnessed a wreck!  Was thankful no one (or no bikes) were hurt but it was still scary to see. 

Mike about to make a pass
Tia braved the freezing temps and finished with the run leg. Also took a ton of randoms on the run course while we were waiting for Tia.  After she crossed the finish line, we all got medaled and then hit up the Tri-BQ.  Scott and J met us at the tent and we warmed up over some hot dogs and chicken legs.   A great day to support Crush, the RD and my relay team.  Looking forward to High Cliffs for my first real swim.bike.run!
Relay Team.  Mike wearing race shirt


  1. I do not like this new trend of forcing us to packet pick up before the actual race day. For some of us, it's a hassle to get out of the city to the suburbs. Oh well. Rant over. Glad you had fun.

    1. I totally appreciate your rant. This one happened to work out as i had triple duty (Charity Booth and Multisport group support).. but there has been times I had to drive to Wisconsin from Chicago and it is very annoying!

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    1. Yes! Chopped off 12 full inches of hair.. it was time and ready for the summer!