Sunday, June 30, 2013

Race to Embrace 5K/3K for Orchard Village (with a M4M presentation)

This past weekend, had an awesome opportunity to present medals to residents of Orchard Village for their inaugural race to benefit their residents and programs. Orchard Village is an organization that is located in my town, Skokie that "partners with families and communities to optimize personal outcomes for individuals with developmental disabilities through a community-integrated approach."

I saw that they had a local 5K and contacted them the thursday before to see if their residents/participants would be participating.  (Normally, when i make these type of calls, i leave messages and sometimes try calling back but many times... i don't hear back).  At any rate, one of the race coordinators picked up right away and I told her about Medals4Mettle and asked if we could present the residents with M4M medals.  She said YES!  and it totally made my day! 

Josh and I went over to the race site which was only 5 minutes from our house.  There was a lot of standing water from the crazy rain and had to park in about 2 inches of water and i exited the car by climbing up the roof and over the  hood.  Josh (who i dropped off in a dry spot) said he wished he had my phone so he could take a picture!  (clearly my child!)

Anyways, the 5K race was two laps around this grove but because of the rain, it was more like a mud/water run.  The 3K was one lap. Josh and I did the 3K which was pretty muddy and then waited for the residents to start trickling through the chute.  The first finisher (the man to my right in the center picture) was SOOO excited to get his medal, it almost brought me to tears.  All of the residents were pretty excited and i loved hearing "Look at my medal" behind me as they were showing people in the pavilion.  It really was a great day and look forward to working with them in the future!

If you are a Northshore resident, definitely keep this race on your radar for next year!

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