Monday, July 29, 2013

Big 10K Race Review

This isn't going to be that detailed as it is my second race report for the weekend. (Did Glenview Tri the day after and wanted to make that more detailed)  Did this race last year and was excited to participate again to show my Big10 Love.  As a OSU/PSU fan (and an Ohio Native), it is basically mandatory I love the Big10 especially Big10 Football.
Tia and Nic (MSU/OSU represent)
Last year, the race was lots of fun.  It was smaller, easy parking and a very accessible after party (i.e. getting your post race hot dog took 2 minutes, gear check was quick and former football players were easily available for pictures, etc.)

This year, the event grew so much they had to move the venue to Adler planetarium.  On a scale of Good to Bad, the race was just OK this year. the exponential growth made for a busy course (even with seeded corrals) and a jammed tailgate party.  I was in E corral and we were in the corral when the masses started walking a different direction.  Then, all the sudden there were people yelling at us.. it was a bit confusing and I am not quite sure what happened and somehow we ended up in D corral. 

The course was similar to Soldier field 10 but shorter.  The slip and slide was still at the turn and it was fun to line up with a Michigan fan and both of us exchanged a bit of trash talk before we slipped and slided. I ran with my #runningbestie Tia as we worked her breaking her run/walk habit.  We got to see the fast runners come back as we were at mile 2 (and they were on their way home)

After i finished i started going through the gauntlet to the tailgate party but turned around to see the 5K's start.  Again, it was seeded and somehow Scott and Josh were stuck at the end.  Scott said the 5K was also jammed and I did notice a lot of walkers and jogging strollers lined up in front of some of the corrals.  Not cool and/or the starters needed to be more cognizant of that and ask them to line up in the back.

After they finished, we went through the gauntlet and got our respective medals and then skipped out on the post race food as the lines were so long.  I understand bigger races provide better revenue but sometimes smaller races provide a better experience (in my opinion).  The medals were a nice addition and I am hopeful they will iron out some of the kinks to accommodate this year's growing pains.  It still had a great theme/catch and makes me excited for another football season!
Porto Potty Paradise. They were tucked away behind the tailgate so they were very empty!

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