Monday, July 29, 2013

Glenview Park Center Triathlon

Race #2 for the weekend.  Race #1 was Big10K!

Glenview Park Center Tri  is a perfect race for someone to get their "feet wet" with the sport or to see how fast one can go.  I was excited that two of my friends were doing their first and another friend agreed to participate as my birthday wish :)  Also, this race is about 15 minutes from my house and a minute from my office so it is basically my backyard event. This race is not a USAT sanctioned event, so you will not see any refs monitoring drafting or worrying about headphones so if that bothers you, this race probably isn't for you.  But if you are interested in a quick sprint tri with easy packet pickup, super close free parking, hot post race food with the coca-cola truck and an awesome community event feel (with Dave Kappas announcing)... this event is for you. 

Parked and walked a whole 400 feet to transition.  Got bodymarked/chipped and set up transition.  As this race attracts a lot of newbies, it is always fun to see what people have laid out in transition.  towels laid out all the way, a bucket to wash their feet off from the ?Pool Swim?? and tons of nutrition.  I am not dogging these people by any means, as we all started there, but it is more a trip down memory lane to see how much I have progressed in my racing.  {on a related note, i love reading about some of the top pros talk about their first tri... many times it is a community event like this one and they were on a mountain bike with a borrowed helment}

Ready to race!
We seeded ourselves for the pool swim and i lined up with the 6:00flat group.  Swim was uneventful except for the dudes in front of me that had to back stroke after 200 meters and slowed up the group.  I passed them at the end of the lane but definitely slowed me down.  Ended up swimming in 6:07 so seeded myself pretty well and was off to transition.  Short cement run to the parking lot.

Bike was a two loop 5 mile course that went around The Glen. The course isn't completely closed but very safe, flat, good roads and lots of volunteers along the way. I had a negative split on the bike as I had two slow miles in the first loop.  It was cold and it took a bit to get my legs working but ended up with a 17.7 mph average which i was happy about.

Run is through the little preserve area through the paved trails.  Again, the course isn't closed but there were so few people out in the morning, we basically had the area to ourselves.  The course is flat except for one hill that you run and down two times.  What was awesome about the hill is there was a Korean group hitting a gong/drums and super motivating. I remembered them from a few years ago (when i did the race in 2009), and they were so great.  They would run with you, call your numbers and just really help get you up the hill.  Although I don't need that motivation necessarily, it was great to have that support and it was impossible not to smile as you ran by them.  My pace was good for me and kept a 10:00/mile pace consistently and felt great.
quick shower so i could go to church after

Crossed the finish line in 1:16 and PR'ed this race/distance by ~6:30 minutes. (159/318 finishers- exactly in the center of the group and 6/13 for my AG) I was pleased with my performance and probably could have pushed a bit more if I didn't run/bike the day before.

I highly recommend this triathlon to the newbie or seasoned athlete that just wants to a short fast course for time.  The price is right ($55 bucks for first round pricing which includes a medal and tech shirt) and is very convenient for those close to the NShore.

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