Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Diva Dash Chicago Race Review

I still love a good "themed" 5K now and again especially one that promotes first timers!  Nothing quite beats the feeling of seeing someone accomplish their first race!  The race was labeled as "Chicago" however, like all obstacle course races, it was out in the far suburbs.  This one was in Sandwich, which I am not even quite sure if i would count that as a suburb or Chicago but nonetheless, got there in a little over an hour.

Parking costs $10 dollars which was slightly annoying b/c we were in the corn fields.  Lots of portos and even indoor ones as it was at a fairground.  The race went in waves so there was never a lot of congestion anywhere.  Walked right up to packet pickup and was easy.  Met up with Tia and my other girlfriends that drove up from Springfield.  I was a pacer with one of them so it was great to catch back up with each other.   We ran together in the same wave and chatted and enjoyed the obstacles.  The obstacles were not difficult and you could always walk around them if you wanted. (they had tire hills, monkey bars, teeter-toters, walls to jump and climb over and rope ladder obstacle).  Race ran through grass and some gravel roads.  There was also a water station that could be accessed from two points on the course which was great for newbies.  At the end, we hung out at the finishers area.  The Springfield ladies got their wine that was included and we spung the Shape wheel for some free headbands.  

The race was untimed (unless you paid extra) and it didn't matter for me.  I had a great time being with my ladies and enjoying the perfect weather.  I was grateful to be an ambassador for this race and see so many women take first steps towards a healthy and active lifestyle.  This race isn't really for the running but more for the community, friendships and wearing matching shirts

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