Monday, August 26, 2013

Fort2Base Race Report

Love trying new races and was excited to be an ambassador for Fort2Base.  My friend, Kelly, is the Outreach Coordinator and did an excellent job getting us all excited about the event and I had fun promoting it on fun runs and RRS Adventure Races.  

They had multiple locations; one in the city and Wilmette at RRS.  Excited to have packet pickup a few minutes from my house and even happier that my husband picked it up :)

Race Day
Because it is a point to point run, there are some more logistics and planning that are required than a loop or out and back race.  We were asked to park at a nearby medical school and then were shuttled to the start.  This was actually pretty seamless however it does take more time.  Got to the Medical School around 6 and to the start around 6:30 and looked for Waldo with Tia till the gun at 7am.
Found him.
Because I had run a bunch of miles the day before with my run group, i wanted to have a nice and easy pace.  Was excited to see pacers and since my experience as a pacer, i have really enjoyed staying with a pack.  I chose the 11:30/mile pace that was run 5/walk1 led by pacer, Franklin, who was great.

The run began by exiting Fort Sheridan and then on a bike path pretty quickly.  The path was wide enough to accommodate the runners but there were occasional issues with overzealous bikers.  Now, i get this can be frustrating as a biker having runners run double wide and have no room for people to pass whether they are bikers for fast runners but i felt like our group did a good job.  Franklin kept saying "right and tight" which would be a good reminder and if he saw a bike in the front or heard that a bike was coming from behind, he would say "BIKE UP" or "BIKE BACK".  it was a nice touch that takes extra effort.

It was good to stay with the group and tried to stay right behind Franklin and a bit to the right of him. We walked through aid stations and banked some minutes with the first few miles.  My legs felt good and was happy..  All the people in the group were great and loved that many of the aid stations were military.  Around mile 8.5 we ran into the Navy Base.

You aren't allowed on the Naval Base normally unless you are military or family so I tried to check out all I could.  We all knew we would be getting close to the water but it is really cool to see these pristine beaches used for training our troops.  Had a moment where i imagined seal training off the beaches (even though I had no clue if that really happens)
Fun Pace Group.. nice and backlit!
Navy Seal Beach or Navy's Sunbathing beach.. you guess is as good as mine
Right at mile 10 (with 1.5 miles to go), we hit Hero Hill.. Hero Hill could also be called Heartbreak Hill (ala Boston) or Annoying Hill (ala my sarcastic comments).  It was quite steep and right at the end of the race.  There were lots of Navy guys though to encourage you up the hill and my girlfriend Tia said they ran with her.  Nice touch.  I walked up the hill and lost the group at this point b/c i saw a friend whom I haven't seen in forever.  It was great to catch up with them and then attempted to catch up the group but didn't.

Crossed the finish line at 2:13 (45 seconds behind the group) and felt great.  Wasn't sore at all which I am happy about since I have a lot of biking to do this week.  Got medaled and looking forward to my finish line pic (as i might have tried to get an amazing mid air shot.  it will either be amazing or expose my 4 chins.. only time will tell)  Met up with Kelly and Tia, got some snacks and then headed back to the buses.  Kelly and I decided to walk back to our cars only to realize we got a bit turned around and a cab sounded more appealing.. so we cabbed it home.  Scott would tell me I am always good finding ways to spend un-neccesary money ... and i guess i didn't let him down.  Only catch was I had no cash so Kelly paid.. #thanks"mom"forcarryingemergencycashvsjustacreditcard

Overall, a fun race and hope to be back.  For those looking for something a little different race around Chicagoland.. this race is for you.  10NM (11.5miles) and a chance to run through Great Lakes with military suppport... it is unique for many reasons.  Thanks to Kelly, Beth and the race crew for the opportunity to be an ambassador. 
I thought we looked like Colorful Multiracial Easter Eggs & Kelly thought a college Admission brochure.  

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