Thursday, August 15, 2013

IronGirl Pleasant Prairie Race Report

Was really excited to participate in the event.  Not only b/c I was an ambassador of the race but because it encourages new people to the sport and I was amped from spectating USAT National's the day before.  However, b/c I stood around all day in the sun and was at a waterpark the rest of the day, i knew my prep wasn't ideal. 

Packet Pickup:  There was a mandatory bike racking the day before so everyone had to come up to Wisconsin.  If i wasn't in Milwaukee already this would have been a bummer just b/c it would have been a 2 hour round trip.  But with my circumstances it wasn't a big deal and there were a fair amount of tents set up with products to make it worth the trip. Racked my bike and let it wave in the wind for the night since my front tire doesn't touch. 

Race Morning:  Our hotel was only 10 minutes from the start but due to a re-route, it actually took more like 25 minutes to get to there. I lucked out with one of the last spots and quickly got into transition and set up my stuff. Definitely a consideration for next year to give yourself enough time.  Had 10 minutes to set up transition. For sprints, i have been keeping it really minimal. Shoes/Socks/RaceBelt/Headsweats visor/Sunglasses and a hand towel. 
Such an amazing picture... in a really amazingly bad way

Happy Happy Happy
Swim:  The swim was a point to point across the lake.  We walked to the other side and waited for our waves to start.  My wave was about 35 minutes after the start.  I dipped in before my wave and got into a steady groove pretty quickly.  The water was decent and good temps and I appreciated that they asked slower swimmers to line up on the right and stronger swimmers on the left.  I lined up on the left middle and was happy with my self seeding.  The swim was directly into the sun which made for someone who can't swim a straight line to begin with even more linear-ly challenged.  I managed and was excited to see the white arch.  I couldn't see the bottom and i will admit, coming off of shark week, it was hard not to think about Megaladon but kept telling myself the lake was too small for him.  I did read today however, that the show was fake.. which was pretty disappointing.... another story for another time...  Exited the water and had a glamour shot and headed to T1

{Sidenote:  after the race, one of the ladies i was walking back with told me about how she couldn't see in the sun and ended up "beaching" herself on the beach at the swim finish. i was cracking up and fun to hear i am not the only one that does stupids things during a race}

T1:  Nothing remarkable...

Bike:  Bike was fairly flat with good road closures and mile markers at 5 /10.  I felt good on the bike and got in a groove quickly.  Unfortunately, i didn't have any sort of watch so i just had to go by feel.  I pushed my personal pace.. passed a bunch of girls and was able to hang on to some fast ladies for a bit longer than i thought i would.  I ended up with a 18.7 MPH which was my fastest pace yet.  I also would like to point out that they had the most officials on motorcycles I have seen proctoring the race.  In fact, my girlfriend got a 2:00 penalty for staying in the left lane longer than 15 seconds... they weren't messing around which I could see as a benefit as there were so many newbies who were biking whereever they wanted.  Ladies riding 3 wide and not really paying attention.  Although it is a bit harsh to get a penalty, it may improve their etiquette for the future which I am all for.

T2: Switched my shoes and threw on my Headsweats visor and was off. 

Run:  The run was around the Recplex and first started around the lake and then winded around the trails.  During the run, I got settled in a decent pace right away.  I would guess 10:00 min/mile pace. Right before mile 2, there was a group of ladies walking from Team Phoenix (they all had on purple/pinkish/peach kits).  It was right by an aid station, so I grabbed some water and walked for a few minutes and asked what their group was about.  Most of the ladies were older but you could tell they were having a great time and a tight knit team.  One of the women told me they were all cancer survivors and i heard a few of their stories. Although the 3 minute conversation hurt my run time, it was well worth hearing their stories.

The finisher chute at this race was hopping.  There were people lined up for at least 200 meters cheering with their families.. many of them were supportive husbands/boyfriends. Although the set up for USAT Nationals was a bit fancier, the crowd support at the finish line was so much better!  Last .15 miles, averaged 8:20 min/mile pace so i was hoofing it-foe me.  Averaged 10:29 min/mile overall and considering I took the walk break in the middle to chat with team pheonix, i was really happy with the outcome. I was right in the 50% percentile for racers which is good for me.

After i found Scott and Josh, we took a few pics and then we decided to check out the food.  They talked about hot food being served and you know me.. i am all about food.  However, the line was pretty long and J was so excited to get back to KeyLime Cove, i skipped the food and went for McD's instead. I heard the breakfast burritos were awesome.  Overall, it was an amazing race and very inspiring to me.

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  1. I'm new to the tri scene. So new that I haven't even done one yet, but I've managed to get myself into a pool and I'm up to 500m so far! Love your race reports...can you point a tri newbie to some good website resources?

    1. Lindy.. commented on your blog with some links to newbie advice!
      also, LULU really is no un-needed but yet i love it.. do you live in Evanston? I am in Skokie!

  2. I love the bike shot!

    And sometimes, it's okay to forget about things like time to hear some great stories

    1. Totally Agree.. i teared up a few times during the race seeing those women. they were awesome

  3. I look like I'm dying in my swim and run shot but like you I got a happy Bike shot! :) I hated swimming into the sun! I was really disappointed with my own swim portion.

    1. The sun was tough during the swim. I am a light sensitive person too so i feel like i am squinting the whole time. Look forward to reading your race report! :)

  4. Great race! Gosh, that is good that they had people out on motorcylces if women were riding that wide. Yikes! :)

    I drive by Key Lime Cove all the time and wonder what it's like! :)

    1. It was a great race! I think your drive bys of KeyLime cove are enough.. that place is pricey!