Wednesday, August 14, 2013

USAT Nationals... on the Media Side

Bikes that cost more than you want to know
A Women's Wave Swim Start- These girls were loud and fun
I will probably never race at USAT Nationals (Oly Distance).  I have thought maybe if i get a little faster I would consider doing Nationals on the Sprint Distance next year since there is no qualifying requirements :) but the next best thing to participating in spectating.  Since I had a lot of friends racing, it was only 90 minutes away and i was participating in Irongirl the next day close-by... I made it a weekend in Wisconsin.

Watching and cheering on some of the best age group athletes was awesome.  With it being Age Group Nationals, they have everyone from teenagers to 80+ year olds competing on the same course at the same time. Loved being able to be at the swim start and being able to cheer on friends at the finish line.  Thanks so much to the USAT for helping me get some of these awesome pictures with media access.

More pictures will be posted on shortly.  I just need to find some more time to go through them all!

Buddy Jeremy killing it on the bike


Swim Start for Men

Team USA
Crush buddy with Chrissie Wellington and happy photo bomber
Love this
Swim Start
Before the first finisher

Warm Up
Chrissie and my buddy Ryan
#1 and #2 of the 70-74 AG


  1. Those are some awesome pictures. Good job.

    1. thanks so is another love of mine!