Monday, September 30, 2013

Radio Silence

It has been a while since I posted. This blog is normally used for training and racing and to be honest, i haven't done much of either in the past two weeks.

Morning after Rev3, we woke up to J having a slight rash on his body.  We thought maybe it was due to the ride harnesses or him hugging those cheapo stuffed animals.  He wasn't feeling sick, so we sent him to school.  When i picked him up on Monday, he said he was fine but he didn't look quite right.  Called his PCP and they were kind enough to get him in right away.  Turns out, he had Scarlet Fever!  Yes, that still exists!  Anyways, coming off of a race weekend compounded by a big week at work.... a sick child was not in the plans but quickly became my top priority.  Josh was a trooper and was in good spirits and only missed one day of work.  We also had to have some shots and spoke to our doctor about a little bed wetting issue we have had every so often.  josh wanted to talk to the doc as he said "i can't help it".  the following hilarity ensued and it had to be documented:

J: "Doctor, I need to talk to you about something"
Doc:  Lifts heads up from computer "yes, josh, what it is it?"
J: "Doctor, something very unusual is going on with me"
... at this point  i get the giggles and walk out of the room... immature and awesome, i know - then i listen outside the door
Doc:  "what is it?"
J: "sometimes when i wake up, i have peed in my bed and i have no idea how that possibly got there"
Doc: "no idea?"
J: "well, i know how it got there but i don't know when i did that.. i mean, i am totally asleep"
 ... the doc was really sweet and mature as i was completely immature.  He also was very kind and kindof supported josh's theory that he is "too asleep" to wake up.

The solution of us waking him up in the middle of the night was discussed which was the exact opposite of what I hoped but I was proud josh made the effort to talk to the doc.

As contradictory as it sounds, running isn't always about running for yourself.  I love the community and people that give back.  Team RWB is a great organization and am excited to be working with them in the future (more on that to come!)

After all was settled, i decided i needed a few week break from running...  not complete stop but i like to take 7-10 days and do other things and maybe put in a few miles.  So, instead i did some other workouts and I am pretty sure this led to my back issues.. And of course, my worse back incident since my surgery had to happen the day before i left for our Disneyworld Trip. 

Spent the majority of time hobbling around and wore my back brace.  They say the average person at disneyworld walks around 9 miles a day and we definitely walked more than average covering 3 parks a day and power walking to most places.  We estimated we walked 50+ miles while we were there.  Aside from our "dogs barking"... we had the most magical time.  I would have been a total complainer with my back had I been anywhere else.  I love that place.  {sidenote: i planned this trip solely on the information on the RunDisney website that there was going to be the Tower of Terror Race while we were there.  I went off of the volunteer website and then they changed the date.  Bummer as i wished to be able to run it but there will always be another time}

Other than the back, life is good.. the season is winding down and keeping my options open and seeing how the back feels. This blog kindof goes quiet in the off season.  Keep up with the family blog during the winter and will do some occasional posts here while I am on my trainer in the winter.  Some thoughts include:
  • How to make a little homemade basket to put your remotes/phone while on the trainer at home
  • My experience finding a saddle that liked me and my sit bones
  • Running with your family and how to trick them into enjoying the sport with you
  • Tricks to overcome OWS freakouts (from someone who freaks out often)
Till then, happy racing and motion is lotion!


  1. Can't wait to hear more from you soon! We need a Fall lunch date soon too!

  2. Hey, I'm a long time Team RWBer, and I'm thrilled you're getting involved with the organization! Please let me know if you have any questions!