Sunday, October 6, 2013


Well, after a 10 day hiatus of running due to a bad back, i was ready to get back into the groove.  I searched for a fun family race we could all enjoy and found the OLPH PHUN RUN 5K which is in Glenview, 10 minute from the house.  The race was either $20 or $25 depending if you wanted chipped timed and benefited the Needy Family Fun that helps families in Glenview find housing, food and other stuff.  SOLD!!! signed up the family. 

Packet Pickup:
They had two packet pickup options (Friday/Saturday).  I grabbed my packet friday after work and literally left my car running as it took a whole 2 minutes to get out of car, get my stuff and get back in car.  I think it would have been 90 seconds had the lady known how to spell my name.  So easy. The race had gender specific drifit (an ugly bright yellow but oh well) and kids got cotton tee.

Got to the race around 735 (with a 8 am start).  Found easy street parking 200 yards from the start. Awesome!  Meet up with Tia.  Race started right on time and we were off.  Josh was hoping to do well and he took off with Scott within a 100 yards leaving me and Tia to chat and catch up.  As we weren't chipped time, had no concern of time/pace as this was just a run that was easing me back into pavement running. Race ran around Swainwood neighborhood with one aid station.  No issues and really happy that I felt good while running.  The course was kindof an out and back and there was even a garage sale along the course that i tried to get Tia to stop at but we kept chugging.  Crossed the finish line with no pain and happy to be "back."

Post Race and Overall:
They had a nice post race party set up that really emphasized this as a community race. They had all of the past shirts hanging up and lots of vendors.  Dominos was there with pizza, Feet Fleet had frisbees and Notre Dame prep school had sack bags and there was tons of food and drinks.  Great experience and well run small suburb race.  I have said it before and will say it again... there is huge benefit in taking the time to do local smaller races.  There is no major fuss, no issues with transportation/travel, no long bathroom lines, no stress of dealing with busy corrals and waiting for your corral to start.. just a fun nice simple race.

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