Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Run for Sight 5K Race Recap

Was scheduled to go to NoLa for work and really wanted to get a race in.  I needed a quick 5K so I could be showered and back to the conference center by 8:30-9:00.  I looked around and saw there was a color run but it was a bit away and the risk of dealing with color in my hair was not worth it.  Luckily, I found a 5K in conjunction with the meeting I was attending that benefited the Eye Back in New Orleans.. SOLD, Signed up!  Was able to pick up my packet at the convention floor which made it really easy.  It was $50 bucks to register which is super steep.

Rolled out of bed at 6am and jogged over to the start.  It was only .5 mile from my hotel and right next to the Harrahs that Scott and I might or might not have frequented for a few hours the night before.  There were ~150-250 people there. They started the run with a lady who was a recipient of the Eye Bank which was a nice touch.  Donor Corneas/Sclera (parts of the eye) are vital parts of many glaucoma surgeries and another way being an organ donor can help others.

Run was a two-looper along the lake front. The weather was muggy and overcast which was a bummer as you could not see the river AT ALL and that was my hope for this run.  I just kept at my usual 10:30 pace.  I definitely could feel the humidity and felt super sticky.  There were a fair amount of homeless people on the pedway and although I have run in scary conditions, i was happy i was running in the fog with a big group vs. solo as the fog would have felt eerie with the groups of homeless men.  The second loop brought some light sprinkles but chugged along.  Crossed the finish, got some gatorade/water and got my pic taken.  They said all the photos will be free but haven't seen them yet.  Hopefully soon. 

Nice small race to benefit the Eye Bank.  I probably wouldnt' have liked it had I lived in NoLa and signed up for this race randomly esp b/c of the price.  But because their cause is something that I appreciate and it was in conjunction with the convention, worked for me!

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