Thursday, December 26, 2013

2 5k's in one weeked with Scott

... it really is a festivus miracle. And I would be completely remiss to not document this glorious occasion.

Over thanksgiving, we went home to Cleveland to celebrate with my family.  While there, we had to run our usual Turkey Trot (we opted for the Chagrin Falls Turkey Trot this time around) and then I snuck in another 5k on Saturday (The Pigskin Classic) which was to kick off the day for the OSU/Michigan game that afternoon.  Scott didn't really have a choice as i have just signed him up and with the free babysitting, i could pass up the chance.

Chagrin Falls Turkey Trot 5K
I gotta say, with all the controversy with going out and shopping on thanksgiving, unless people are coming out at families to the running events, i don't really know how this is too much different but i will leave it at that.. as i don't like to get too serious on this blog.

We did same day registration and it was a bit of pandemonium. Parking was easy and I was handed a cold donut as soon as i got out of the car, score, but then they had so many registrations that it was tough for the boosters to keep up so as i was standing in line, they dropped the chip timing and said, $10 off if you just run and get a shirt (no chip).  Fine by me as it was freezing, snowing and I wasn't going for time.   Registered both Scott and I only to find out they didn't have a shirt for Scott so they gave me back his money. In the end, it worked out but a bit hectic.  Thank goodness I had the donut.

Ryan came with us and we made our way to start and we were off.  The course was hilly and b/c of the snow, the roads had that dusting on them which made the roads slick.  That kind of slick where every few steps you take a stride and then slide an inch, jolt your body hoping you won't fall and then make an awkward recovery. Thankfully, we didn't wipe out but the freezing air definitely hurt the lungs.  Scott and I went nice and slow and kept our heads down to avoid the snow coming right at us.  Thankfully had my trusty visor (per usual) to block out the snow as Scott kept getting flakes in his eyes.

To be honest, the weather made it quite unpleasant most of the time.  Scott tried to be a good sport but it really was cold and the snow made it hard.   Since we weren't chipped times, my watch said we finished in 31:58 which was plenty fine considering the conditions.  We hurried home and warmed up by the fire. 

Saturday, (2 days later), we did the Pigskin Classic which was downtown.  Had some fun tailgaiting and was pretty OSU festive.  Packet Pickup appeared to be pretty crazy at first but the line went quickly and we got all we needed.  The course was nice that ran down by the stadium and Rock Hall.  I saw a friend from High School which was fun.We ran the first two miles right over 9:30 which was 'fast' for us and then the last mile Scott wanted to slow down.  I was tempted to leave him but since he was humoring me with our second 5k, i stayed with him and we had the conversation about how Cleveland needs to better utilize the lakefront.  Last mile was a little over 11 minutes which was fine by us.  Afterwards, we caught up with Ashley, who i haven't seen since high school, and then hit up coventry for lunch with scott's friend from law school and his cute wife.  Fun running weekend in the Cleve and grateful for a supportive husband.  I am secretly hoping he is trying to fake it till he makes it when it comes to running :)

Chip Time was 31:33 - 10:11 with a gippy last mile for Scott.

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  1. Yay for a race-filled weekend! Sounds like fun even though it was super chilly! Any Christmas or New Year's races planned?