Monday, December 23, 2013

Can't believe Christmas Week is here!

I honestly think i am going to blink and be 40 with the way things have been going.. time is really fly.  I am 33 by the way so let's hope that doesn't happen.  I think the fact we are trying to pack up our condo has made our life feel very completely out of sorts but we are making progress.For now, another random update and promise i will start posting things related to triathlon/running soon.  Really excited for 2014 and just need to time to put my thoughts to paper.. till then, here are some babblings in no particular order. 

1.  I am excited for Juan-uary.  I said it and admit it.. i like the Bachelor.  It is horrible, i think it rots my brain but better than drugs, stealing cars, or other things i could do to past the time.   I do wonder if there will be much dialogue and/or sub-titles as he hardly talked before.  Life every other season, it could be horrible and/or awesome ... but most probably both. 

2. Pulled the trigger and booked our flights/hotels for Rev3 Williamsburg and NYCM.  Used all the hard earned miles I have been stockpiling for the past few months.  My parents will be joining us for both of the events and looking forward to these awesome vacations.  I have been wanting to take josh to williamsburg for a few years now and can't wait for the summer! The swim start is only a few miles from historic williamsburg so they will be able to float around and just meet me at the finish.  Scott already has plans to golf while i am biking.  
Love this Medal.

Yeah, these pics don't get old for me.. and this won't be the last time i post one

NYCM (as i mentioned before) is going to be an awesome way to end next year and another reason i get to drag Scott to my favorite city.  We contemplated about making it a couples trip but figured a family one would be better with my Sunday being hogged up by the race. 

3.  Had an awesome board meeting with my tri-club (Crush Multisport). We met for 3 hours talking about plans for the upcoming season and really excited for what's in store. 

4. Finally, Wishing all of you a wonderful and healthy holiday.  Filled for joy, peace, food and family.


  1. Hope you had a great Christmas! Looks like lots of people already registered for NYCM in 2014 (myself included!) Thankful for guaranteed entry :)