Friday, December 6, 2013

In need of a good sleep.... not including dinosaurs

Well, I think i have been in hyperdrive for at least 2 weeks... when i get like this, i say "I am in my mania" phase.  So much has been going on and considering I have been having a dream over and over about a large dinosaur like thing attacking the world and eating people and potentially my family... i would say I have a lot on my mind. 
Pacific Rim Movie- saw it like 5 mths ago..sure it is contributing.... however, the dino in my dreams has no wings
1.  Endurance Life  - Since my back hiccup right before disney, things have been put in maintenance mode to a certain point. My back "tweak" was one of the worst I have had since my surgery and it was a wake up call that i need to work on my stretching, foam roller and all the other maintenance things i have a tendency not to do. Now that we have a treadmill in our place, I have been able to log a decent amount of miles but mostly run at intervals and definite maintenance miles. (I did manage to run 2-5k's over Thanksgiving.. race reports to follow) I also have been getting good time in the pool and on the trainer.  2014 race calendar is already being eyed and I have most of it set.  I have my fingers crossed some things will fall into place that is out of my hands but I definitely am excited to have an awesome running/tri season.  One thing that is for certain is I am running the NYC Marathon.  After 4 years in the making, I am doing it!  Cannot wait and grateful for their deferment of one in the small chance something comes up.  
Can't wait to be one of those people!
Rev3 Williamsburg.... i am eying you!  - Racing/Family Vaca/History = Perfection!

3. Personal Life - All good problems for us, but in the midst of trying to purchase a home. Inventory is so low for the school district and parameters we are looking for.. things are literally staying on the market for a day if they are priced right.  I think we are going to take a break if this current deal doesn't work but man, looking for a house is not for the faint at heart.  Josh and Scott have been such sports.  Josh has tagged along to many times to showings but has been getting his reading in for the day.  The poor kid wants a dog so bad, he is willing to do his part with a smile on his face to get one!  Till then, Pippy, our hamster, will have to do. 

4. Work Life- Full of mandates, changes and more IT issues than I wish i was dealing with.. it has been.. uh, "fun" and hopeful we can check some of this stuff off before the holidays so we can have a few days of not having anxiety.  

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  1. Congrats on the NYC Marathon entry. If I'm still in the US next year, I'm going to look to do it in 2015. After watching it on TV and reading about it, I want to so run it.