Thursday, January 23, 2014

Being part of the Rev3 Family

Just felt like I needed to share some of the moving things I have experienced in the past week....
Photo: You earned this. Your latest hint on the next big REVOLUTION3 Triathlon news. Any more guesses?
This post was originally written yesterday with the intent of talking about their most recent race: Rev3 Rush which is a draft legal race including a 250-meter swim, 5-mile bike, and a 1.25-mile run designed to have racers compete in more than one race. They will have a "variety of divisions- standard age groups, mixed relays, club/team relays, and youth/juniors."   You can read the full press release and registration info HERE.

Then, around the same time the full press release went out, we got news that one of my teammates (whom i have not personally met) sustained a tragic accident and passed away within a short period of time.  Our google group was flooded with teammates concerned for him and his family.  To see the support was overwhelming. Team Rev3 truly showed how much of a family they are.  Last night, many of us posted a candle on our social media to show solidarity and support for him.  From what I have heard, he was an amazing husband, athlete and advocate for cancer research.   It is amazing how heavy my heart has felt for someone I never met.  Through my other teammates, his worth and impact on others was realized. My continued thoughts and prayers go out to David's family during this time.

After his passing our Team Coach, "Mama Bear", quickly sprung to honor one of her cubs and with the help of Pearl Izumi, made it possible to have his initials on our kit for this year.  From what I have been told, Pearl Izumi made huge accommodations to make this happen and thanks to them and Mama Bear, we will have David's initials over our heart this season.  

So, what started as a fun announcement about Rev3, turned into a true appreciation for this team, my teammates, Rev3 and our sponsors.  I cannot wait to meet them at Summit in March and feel honored to be representing their brand. 

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  1. Welcome to the family! This is what our Rev3 team is about.