Monday, January 6, 2014

NYD5K Race Review

Well started the year off right with some of my best running buddies running the NYD5K.  Leading up to the race, we realized it was going to be really cold but all decided to just live it up and have fun.

Race morning, I woke up to lots of snow and crappy roads.  Went into the office to see a few patients with my docs and then made our way downtown.  Luckily, there was no one on the roads so made great time getting to race and even found street parking right next to start.  Stayed in our car till about 10:50 (race started at 11) and  then made our way over to Tia at the registration tent which provided a bit of warmth. We huddled together, put on our crowns which fit perfectly over my headsweats visor and then we were off.  

With the snow and some ice, it was hard to tell how the race course really was. (felt very similar to pumpkins in the park)  We lined up toward the back and we just played follow the leader.  We were able to run 3 runners wide for the first 1.5 miles with occasionally narrowing.  The snow was packed down so i didn't get too much in my shoes and was happy with wearing my trail shoes.  Went slow but enjoyed it and saw a few other friends along the way. Thankful that the air wasn't completely frigid that it didn't burn my lungs. Around mile 2, the trail turned into a single track and it was really hard to pass other people so just stayed on the heels of the guy in front of me.  There were times that a person 4-5 in front of me would walk and there wasn't much i could do about it if I didn't want to get in 8 inch deep snow so i just hung back and chatted with the guy in front of me. Crossed the finish time with probably my slowest 5k ever but had fun doing it.

Saw some of my Crush friends, snapped some pics, grabbed some post race food and then made our way to the car.  This race wasn't one to do for time, unless you are a fast one, but more for the event and "running on new years".  It also was awesome to see a few runners doing their first 5K as a commitment to a healthier year.
Tiara and a Rev3 Headsweats visor.  A great combo that doesn't move or bother you at all!

Here's to a great endurance season!!

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  1. Great job on looking happy & cheery in the freezing weather! I didn't know you were running this event too... it was COLD out! We finished and headed straight for the bar to warm up after the event.

    Happy new year!