Monday, January 20, 2014

Three Things Thursday... a few days late

I love my blogging friends that are so dedicated to posting their 3 Things Thursday.  They are random snippets of their thoughts and really enjoy reading what they have to say.   So, being better late than never, here are my 3 things thursday... err...monday

1.We are making a lot of progress with our upcoming move.  I don't want to jinx it as i always here about people having things fall through last minute but we are getting closer and closer.  We boxed up another large batch of boxes this weekend and purchased all the items we will need to turn the condo to the renters. (oh yes, we have renters officially!)  We ran out of space in our storage unit for the boxes so we have been stacking them in our family room .. (i.e. our only non-bedroom room)  which is really an eye-sore but only for a few more weeks.  And while my fingers are crossed, I will continue to daydream about my future pain cave.... this is the sunroom of our new place.  My hope is to have our treadmill/bikes on trainers and TV in this room along with some free weights.  We also hope to split the room for our non-exist dog to have space to run around inside while we are at work.  
My bike has been demoted to the bathroom.  Was tempted to put it in storage.. better get a few rides in to make it worth it!

8915 Kilpatrick Avenue, Skokie, IL 60076 - #: 08497350
A bit sunny for a future pain cave but oh so spacious!
2.  I have some great things cooking for M4M already for the year.  I feel a great responsibility to produce a lot with Chicago being such a big chapter due to it's location.  My goal is to donate twice as many medals as i did last year and become an official sponsor with the Chicago Marathon with guaranteed spots.  Lots to hope for but up for the challenge. 
3. When i was a kid, I vividly remember two situations where I feared the water.  The first was when i was little and I hated any bit of water getting in my eyes when my mom washed my hair (i.e. put your head back and they used a pitcher to get out the suds) and the second was swim classes at my local YMCA.  I went with my childhood friend and I would hate it soooo much, i would make myself throw up so i wouldn't have to swim anymore.   These stories are complimented by many others but it took me a long time to get over my fear of water and the small detail of learning how to swim. 
This kid needs some goggles.. it is stressing me out. 

I still have random thoughts about drowning even when i am lap swimming.. i think about "what if i ingest a bunch of water and the high school lifeguard that was flirting with the girl that cleans up the deck isn't watching and I die".  I don't know why i have these thoughts... they are disturbing but I am fighting them and day by day, i am getting over my fear of the water.  Was excited to do a negative split mile (by a minute) and i felt like i was going at a leisure pace (1:55/100's).  I hope to cut that time down and then THE REAL TRICK is having this translate to open water.  I will get there...

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