Friday, January 3, 2014

Why I joined a multisport group

As a slow self proclaimed back of the packer, i never thought of joining a multisport group in the first years of triathlon.  I am fairly self conscious and always felt intimated that I would be the slowest, flabbiest and not serious enough to be part of a group.

This was only solidified when I joined one ride from my gym when i was first getting into triathlons. somehow, i joined the wrong meet up group and the people I was riding with were much faster...  and i was left to fend for myself pretty early on.  I was still scared to ride on roads at this time and it was a miserable ride back.  To top off the ride as i was approaching the gym, i totally fell over b/c i couldn't get out of the clips in my bike.  The guy in the car next to me rolled down his window (trying not to laugh) and said it was a very graceful fall.  CLASSIC!   Well, needless to say, that whole fiasco kept me away from training with a group for a few years.  I did take triathlon swim classes in the first years b/c 1. i couldn't really swim and 2. i was too cheap to do private.
If only i looked this cool when i fell.  
Fast forward to last year when I was connected with Tony and Jeremy of Crush Multisport.  I remember connecting with them through my triblogger site (that i had just launched) and it seemed like a great networking opportunity.  Initially joined solely for that reason and not for the actual benefits of being part of a multisport group.  However, I quickly realized how much an awesome multisport team can provide.
Multisport groups normally provide the following:
-group rides/runs/swims
-support at races (i.e. tents, post race food, people that cheer for you)
-discounts with their affiliates
-coaching options
-clinics for newbies
-cool kits that make you feel special ... oh wait, am i the only one that thinks that?!
Once I met the people from Crush, i was intimidated.  "Going to Nationals" was a common goal for many of the athletes, podiums are common and there is even one of our elites going to Worlds to compete.  These people don't race for the swag.. they race to place.  

Hands down, i am the slowest one on the team but immediately felt at home meeting the crew.  I bonded with moms talking about incorporating their families into their escapades or commiserated with full time working people and the balance of training, life, work and of course the "how you recovered from an injury" conversation.  I forgot about race times and felt like I was talking to MY team... MY friends.  I have seen teammates at many of my local races and even at High Cliffs Tri and Rev3 CP which is 6 hrs away.  It was great to have the comradery and support of Crush teammates.  Their motto is "we race as one" which includes even me!  (the person that might still be on the bike when the you are racking your bike to your car and heading home)

This year, Crush continues to expand and is launching their first race at Winthrop Harbor with plans of having a full distance 140.6 in 2015 in the Chicagoland area.  My husband has even enjoyed meeting the team and appreciates that the members aren't "typical self centered triathletes" and respects the efforts so many members make with NFP/Charities.  In fact, Crush is a partner of More than Sport, a charity that promotes athletes to do More... than Sport.   

So, if you aren't part of a tri-group, join one and if you are in Chicago... join Crush!  Don't be nervous like i was.  I really regret not joining sooner.
.... And if you fall out of your clips on the bike... we will be there to pick you back up but we will probably make sure to snap a pic before we do so!

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  1. Great post. Happy to have you as a friend and team mate. Lets CRUSH it together in 2014.

  2. Great post!!! Glad to have you on the team. Bring on 2014! :-)

  3. Love this! I just joined Crush Multisport! I can't wait to meet other members of the team, hope to see you around!