Monday, February 10, 2014

Cupids Love Dash 5K Race Review

Wore my pink Swirlgear shirt!
Leading up to this race, I was not sure if i was going to be able to do it.  I had a scary incident that landed me in the ER earlier in the week (long story but couldn't breathe and quite scary) and I wasn't sure how i was going to feel. But, I wanted to support a friend and run with her so Sunday, was up early to run the race!

My plan was to run/walk and not overexert myself as the air was cold and I still wasn't feeling 100% from earlier in the week. I also knew I much I hurt after the F^3 half b/c of the cold so was happy going easy peasy.  Getting to the race was really easy and we parked for free about 200 meters from the start line which was perfect.  We sat in the car till about 5 minutes before the gun b/c it was pretty chilly.

Lined up and Colleen (the RD) sent us on our way.  I felt so bad as her water station for the 10K was stolen at 4:30 am... i am not quite sure who does that but NOT COOL.

Jen and I said we were going to stay together even if i had to walk.  The course was the same as last year with a small loop around town in the beginning and then through residential streets for the remainder.  There were a fair amount of inclines of the course and the streets were cleared the best they could be.  There were strips of the street that was straight asphalt and then there were areas that had that .5 inch slush that takes some extra energy to run on.

First mile was 10 min flat and i was a bit concerned about keeping up that pace.  That is usual comfortable 5K pace but not today.  We pulled back and it worked out perfectly b/c Jen wanted to take pics so we slowed down the 2nd two miles.  There was one aid station that had water and candy.   To no ones surprise, i found myself grabbing for the M&M's and NOT the water.  We continued on and snapped some pics. The course is scenic and cops patrol the local roads.

Trying to catch the girl in shorts and also showing what the roads looked liked
Crossed the finish line and proceeded to the awesome (but cold) post race festivities.  Northshore was passing out hot chocolate and they had lots of chocolate goodies to choose from along with the regular Clif Bars and Bagels.  Jen and I hung out for a while and then made our way home.  Great local race that is easy to get to and Colleen posts lots of great pics on her FB page.

Jen is wearing the shirt from the race


  1. Oh man I didn't know you were there! I would have said hi! Congrats on a great race and I agree, who the hell steals a water station? So not cool!

    I'll definitely see you at Lincoln - do you have a '14 race schedule up?

  2. excited to see you at lincoln... "carrying a bit lighter load :)"
    i am close to having my '14 race schedule done.. thanks for reminding me.. will do soon!