Saturday, March 22, 2014

2014 Race Schedule...Still Tweaking.. not twerking

With the first quarter of 2014 coming to a close and us being very close to race season, i am finally getting around to finalizing my race schedule.  As you may have figured out if you have followed me over the years, i just love being part of the races.. whether it is my "A-Race" or just running with my husband, son (and now possibly my dog), i just love the whole process!  Looking forward to a great season and seeing so many of you out on the course!

* Means I am definitively racing!
I also hope to get one more Rev3 Race in there. Also, anyone that is planning to do a Rev3 Race... let me know! I might have a coupon code for you... you know I love a discount!

Jan 1 - NYD 5K - Chicago*
Jan 25- F^3 Half - Chicago*
Feb 16 - Cupids Dash*
Mar 1- Pulaski 10K*
March 30- Shamrock Shuffle*
April 5 - Lincoln Half - on the M4M Pacing Team!*
May 18-Chi Half Marathon*
June 1- Leon's Triathlon (Relay)
June 5- Totally Awesome 5K (Use Coupon Code RADICAL for 10% off)*
June 14- Rev3 Adventure Race- VA*
June 15- Rev3 Williamsburg Tri (Oly)- VA*
June 19- 5K in May for my Church*
June 22- Rev3 Dells (Oly) - WI*
June 28- 5K Orchard Village for M4M*
July 13 - Lake Zurich Oly Tri*
Aug 1 - Crush Winthrop Harbor
Sept 1 - GridIron 5K - Ohio
Sept 5- Rev3 Cedar Point Glow Run*
Sept 6- Rev3 Cedar Point Adventure Race*
Sept 7 - Rev3 Cedar Point Half Iron*
Nov 2 - NYC Marathon*

Cheap Laughs.... 


  1. I may have commented on this before, but yay to NYC! Happy to see someone "my pace" running :)

  2. I'm still thinking about doing Rev3 Wis Dells! It looks so fun! But I am doing the Chicago Half Marathon in May!

  3. @Alyssa - Use REV3TEAM14 for 10% off for dells.. let me know if you make it and see you in May!!!!

  4. Melissa- can't wait to see you in NYC!!! We will rep our pace in style!!!!

  5. Find any codes to use for cedar point glow run?

    1. Kara, email me for some info that might help!