Monday, March 3, 2014

Pulaski 10K Race Report

Did the Pulaski 10K this weekend as part of the F^3 Winter Challenge.  Do two races, get another medal which didn't really matter to me, but signed up when they offered a discount for the race a few months back.  Scott picked up my packet at one of the Feet Fleets.  They offered packet pickup at all locations for 2 days which was nice and convenient.

F^3 Pulaski 10K Course Map
Set my alarm for 7:55 am and was on the road by 8.  (i am very much a roll out of bed and go for shorter races).  I did make the decision to wear my Target Champion tights b/c i couldn't find my Under Armor ones in the move.  Sadly, i was pretty bummed as they definitely weren't as warm. 

Drive down was easy and got to Montrose Harbor by 8:30am.  It is always tricky parking at Montrose b/c it is free parking which is GREAT but I always struggle when to commit to park or try to be greedy and get closer.  Found a good one and committed right after the bridge.  Saw a lot of people sitting in their cars and decided to follow their lead.  Waited till 8:55 and then made my way over the start.  As I was heading over, heard they delayed race by 10 minutes.  Not exactly sure why but opted to run back to my car and take advantage of the net 7 minutes to stay warm.

SIDENOTE:  i realized going back to the car kept my toes warm and didn't allow them to get too cold which made my run more enjoyable.  Nothing is more annoying that having frozen toes and taking a mile to get the feeling back.

At 9:05, ran back over to the race and saw two friends at the start.  Said our hellos and then i proceeded to put myself in the middle of the pack.  Race started at 9:10 with a "modified" version of the National Anthem... and we were off.  Course pretty straight forward.  The first .25-.40 miles had some distinctive patches of ices with snow on them which made for sub-optimal conditions.  We went slow and and talked to a few others I knew on the course.  First mile was 12 minutes with the second two being 10 minute miles.  Felt good even with the conditions. 

Around mile 4ish, we could see the city and noticed how pretty the water looked.  The pictures above represent what it looked like close to the turn around.  The runners facing me were on their way back.  Hit the turnaround around Belmont and then wham.. the wind that was to my back, that i didn't even notice, hit me in the face.  It was cold BUT i kept thinking... "at least I only have 2 miles to go and this is a 10K, not a half like in January"  Continued to click away and average 11 minute miles for the last three. Saw a friend who was being an overachiever and running another few miles post race and was excited to hear he got 3rd overall!
 We ran along the water for a bit and then back on the path near the golf course.  As we made our way back towards the finish, there was some icy paths but managed just fine.  Crossed the finish line and was given my medals, hot chocolate and clif bars. They did have perogis for sale but didn't partake as I never have cash let alone cash post race. Made my way back to the car (which i didn't lose this time) and was back home within 30 minutes. Happy to do the race and happy the conditions weren't as freezing as before.  Excited for the season to really begin and looking forward to being excited to run outside soon!  Overall, a great race and the volunteers were again awesome. 


  1. Aww so sad I missed you! I was running in the back with Anne (annereallyblogs). It was a fun race, and dang if we didn't EARN all of those medals.

  2. Sounds like a great race! Well done! And yeah - I am SO over this wind in the cold :(