Monday, March 17, 2014

Rev3 Summit!

Just got back from the Rev3 Summit and cannot wait for the season to start.  Flew in Thursday night (after some United Airlines drama with delayed/cancelled flights) but finally arrived to Dulles 3 hours later.  I stayed with my girlfriend from high school and met her in Arlington. We drove into Georgetown where we had some amazing BBQ at Country Hill.  You got meat by the pound and somehow we ended up with twice as many sides as we planned.  Not to anyone's surprise, we managed to eat them all.

The next morning, headed to Summit in Manassas, VA.  I had some Marriott points to use so i stayed at a Marriot .5 miles from the Holiday Inn where the summit was being held.  Next time I will stay at the host hotel to enjoy more of the shennangins and opportunities to take incriminating photos of other teammates.  

The first day was pretty structured where heard from Charlie, Eric and Mama Bear (Carole) all about Rev3. After having a great shoe fit from Revolution3 Multisport, SBRSports and Powerbar presented some material about their brands and how we can promote their brand.  Loved learning about their histories and what they have coming down the pipeline. That evening, most of us ate at a local restaurant and then I found myself in my bed by 9:30. Learning all day was exhausting! :)

The next day was a bit less structured.  We heard about some more sponsors (,, and, did a group picture in our awesome Pearl Izumi kits and then had a lime relay race that I am dying to see the pictures of!  (Lime Relay Race:  Run as fast as you can with a lime under your chin and then pass off to the next person with NO Hands!)  The vets won but still had a blast.  Attending summit only solidified my love for Rev3, what it stands for and my new teammates.  Everyone was so nice, fun and always up for a good time.  Also, special thank you to Mama Bear Carole for fostering this team.  Her love and passion for Rev3 is so evident and I can't wait to represent the team this coming year!  I am definite for:
Williamsburg, Dells and Cedar Point and figuring out my 4th race!  Hope to see you out there!

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