Tuesday, March 25, 2014

SBR Sports Review

Ambassador Tested.... Kid Approved

Being part of Rev3Tri, I have the privilege to be sponsored by SBR Sports Inc.  The company was founded in 2004 by Karen Allard.  "Karen is a triathlete and created a product that triathletes were in desperate need of: A hair and skin line that is designed to remove chlorine, salt water and Bromine from the body"

Nothing is more annoying than swimming and making every effort to get the chlorine off but then when I go lay down at night, my back is sooo itchy.  This leads to the following banter between Scott and myself:
Me:  "Scott, will you put lotion on my back, i am so itchy"
Scott:  "no"
Me: "please, don't make me be whiny"
Scott: "fine"

So, then Scott would put whatever lotion i have laying around and throw it on my back all the while he tells me I stink like pool and my hair also stinks.  I would try to defend myself but then the next morning, I could smell the chlorine in the shower (which would be the second shower since swimming).

Enter SBR Sports TriSwim.
I received my first shipment around Valentines Day and was really excited to try it.  I used all 4 products after 8 sessions at the pool.  Each of the sessions, I slept easy and Scott didn't even know I swam.  I even asked if he could smell chlorine in my hair and he couldn't.  I personally loved the product with my favorite being the lotion.  I never noticed any dry patches of skin on my legs and arms as I have in the past after lots of swimming. Also, it complied with one of my most important points in skincare products... the smell was pleasant but not overpowering and unisex.

The real test came during Josh's swim lessons. I let him use the products at the gym for two lessons and asked him how he thought they were ... he said they "smelled nice, liked that the shampoo/conditioner was attached to the wall.. but i still get itchy afterwards" 

I gave him TriSwim products to try for the next 3 lessons and asked him if he felt a difference.. these were his responses.
"not as itchy"
"liked the green and blue coloring as those are his favorite colors"
"the top of his head wasn't itchy when he went to sleep at night"
"liked that they weren't attached to the wall so we could use them at home"

.. although some of these comments are more relevant the others, I definitely think Josh experienced the benefits without describing them perfectly.

Definitely ck out their products and ask for samples if you are interested!

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