Saturday, May 17, 2014

Chicago Glo Run 5K Race Review

This, like many other themed runs (think color runs, foam runs, etc) was not really a race but an un-timed fun run. The race took place downtown at Grant Park and had one of the more fun pre-race environments I have been too.  I think this is because people really were into the theme and there to have fun.. not really to run. The DJ was playing some great music and people were dancing and getting their glo-accessories ready before the run.

Met up with my girlfriends from work as we represented our office as The GLO-comas!  Took some pre-race pics and then made our way to the start.  They had a good set up for start with a filtered corral and people with ribbons creating waves.  These waves had no time parameters but just helped only let a certain amount out at the same time.  This pic shows the wrap around waiting for the start. 

The run went from Grant Park and then onto the lakefront path near the water.  There were a bunch of potholes and the path was fairly lit.  This proved to be dangerous (**Read my PSA below).

Since i had not been running  for a while with a back issue, i went nice and slow and was really conservative.  I ended up seeing two young girls from my church running and stayed with them from mile 1.5 to the end.  They were really cute and having a lot of fun being downtown and running a big event. They wanted to stop and take pictures and fun to be with them.  Crossed the finish line to re-connect with my work buddies.. had some chips and then we were on our way home.  As this was my first run in 3 weeks, i was happy to feel OK and not be in pain.  Patience is a virtue (repeat 20 times!)

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