Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Chicago Spring 10K Race Review

Well, after about a full month hiatus of real training, it was time to give the back a good run. I was feeling better and ready for a race.  I had signed up for the half back in Feb or so but decided doing the 10K was the smarter choice and downgraded.  Although i felt conflicted, it was the right choice. I should add that I was able to sign up for this race for free of charge.  They had a marketing blitz and gave a code for free entries for a certain amount of racers.  The code turned into a coupon code (i think 10% off) and led to a sold out race.  Not paying made for an easier decision to do the 10K as well!

Packet Pickup:
Scott got our packets at Feet Fleet and said the process was easy.  Nothing special in packet pick up and the shirts were bright green this year..like lime puke green.  i honestly wonder who looks good in that color.

Race Day:
The race was in the same place as it was in years past: Lakeshore East.  It is a nice park and the area provides lots of parking options.  We got one that was only $14... I know "only $14" sounds ridiculous for people that don't live in metropolitan areas but $14 is good for parking.

Was parked and got to the race around 7am when the half was starting.  The race started near the lake front and they had corrals.  In the last 3 years, the race has increased in size dramatically... so much so, that i think it is outgrowing its venue.  (Do you remember when Hot Chocolate started as a Montrose fun run?)  We met up with Tia who was doing the 10K as well.  We took some pictures and we were off.  We were in the front of the 10K waves so we had some slow half people in front of us.  For the first 1/2 mile we did some bobbing and weaving but we stayed together and not too annoying. 

Race was a simple out and back course on the lakefront with a turn around at 47th for the half and McCormick Place for the 10K. It was a "typical" lake front path run with beautiful but familiar views. Scott and I ran together and got into a nice pace right away.  Although I had charged both of our garmins for the race, i managed to forget both of them and we were going "naked" for the run.  It probably was for the best as this run, more than most, i needed to listen to my body.  I got into a groove with scott pretty quickly and we kept at a pace we could talk at. My back felt great and the weather was good. 

We came to the turn around around mile 3 and flipped around, took some pics and waited a bit for Tia. I knew she was close and it was perfect timing to ditch my windbreaker b/c i was warm and since i had my phone, i carried it b/c i didn't like it flapping and hitting my leg.

Around mile 4.5 right near the aid station, we were approaching the curve to head back to the finish line and i spotted this guy ahead of me that was wearing this 1980's windbreaker.  he was walking ahead of us and i became memorized by his jacket for 10 seconds and tripped on the uneven sidewalk.  This was the same sidewalk i was complaining about at the glo run.  However, I was in the bright of day and didn't have anyone or anything to blame except myself.  It was a slow motion fall and glorious.  Scott picked up and i asked if the people watching on the side of the pavement got it on tape.. they said they missed it but it was a 9/10 fall.. HA!  Luckily, we were right by an aid station and i got bandaged up and my days as a hand model went down the drain....

Once i got bandaged up... i had about 1.2 miles to finish and we pushed it to the end.  I felt good even though i could feel the blood rushing to my left knee.  I told scott i was going to be bruised up and he kept shaking his head telling me i need to pick up my legs when i run.. i am an eternal shuffler!

We past the start line and i knew we still had a ways to go (i got faked out by that a few years ago and ran out of gas).  We came under the tunnel and the to the finish and our times were the exact same.

01:05:53Total Time
10:37 min/mi  Pace

Considering we had a pit stop at the medic and stopped to take pics along the lakefront and with Tia and just coming off of injury, i will take it!  And since I didn't have my garmin, i kindof thought we would be closer to 1:15 esp with the medic tent.

Got bandaged up again post race and got our post race breakfast along with a little potted plant.   The race has some of the best post race food and it was fun to do with Scott!   Any race with the husband is a good one!

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